The faculties of Nursing walk worried: find replacements for their retired teachers, it is becoming more difficult. There is a generation made up to the relay, so that associate professors are at the forefront of subjects instead of sticking to support tasks. 14.7% of the teaching staff (511 teachers) have more than 60 years, and the little quarry is forming. That is why the Confederation of Deans of Nursing (CNDE) has met three times with the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) to find a solution.

Just 20.7% of 3.368 Nursing faculty had a fixed position in 2018, when the average in the faculties of the public in Spain was 74,7%. And the solution is difficult. To get a permanent position it is essential to accredit publications and, usually, the collective costs that support your articles in prestigious journals. Only 34.9% of the nurses are doctors (the average university teacher is 56,2%).

The scenario is similar in Physical, Optical or Podiatry. Rafael Robaina, director of Nursing at Las Palmas, has been deserted a square because no one had adequate scientific merits. And it is difficult for the quarry to grow, because they do not offer master degrees in Nursing and the doctorate is offered in Tenerife. She says that all the permanent staff (70 teachers, compared to about 100 partners), works full-time at the university and argues that, as with physicians, the Canary islands health Service Health to pay part of the salary in exchange for care work in hospitals. “That would enrich the training,” he says.


The University is facing the exit of the 50% of their professors in seven years, The inbreeding reached at the 73% of the teachers with templates they are older: the average age of the Spanish workers is 43 years

it All started to change in 2007, when Spain joined the Space Bologna and the university schools —such as Nursing—, offering diplomas in three years, began to wither. Their teachers, not being graduates, were not required to be doctors. From that year, to get a spot fixed as an officer, it is necessary to be a doctor.

In the University, on average, 78% of the teachers fixed has at least a six-year period —a wage supplement, the cumulative awards for the research, while in the Nursing are only 26%. 9.2% of the teachers in Nursing are less than 35 years and almost all of them are possible. “Nursing and Medicine are the two powers most aged in Spain. The teachers go very higher and it compatible with the hospital. There is No replacement” account, with concern, José Antonio Mayoral, rector of Zaragoza.

“The largest percentage of theses in Spain is in the Health Sciences. We have many doctors in Nursing, but do not come to College because they have trouble reconciling the career technical and academic education, and are left with the first because the work is very vocational. There is No way to attract them,” says Mayoral. According to data from the OECD, a nurse earns 44.000 euros gross per year (compared to the 33,000 base of a tenured teacher) and enter a great plus for the guards. The differences between communities are large, but a study from the journal Goals of Nursing downgrade to 2.376 euros per month gross salary. Many of the nurses that doctoran do it to scale positions in healthcare Administration, never thinking in exercise of teachers

“as long As there is a sufficient critical mass in Nursing, the ANECA should relax the requirements to be accredited,” says Rodrigo Fernandez, director-general of Health Specialties Ministry of Health. Fernandez explains that they are going to join cross-functional insight in the degree of Sciences of Health, such as Research Methodologies, and this could encourage scientific vocations. Health has met with the deans of Medicine to treat the problem of the lack of teachers, but it has not done so with the Nursing.

“In Spain there are no journals of nursing with index of impact, so that everything that is published in them is of no use. That forces you to compete in English, in many cases to pay for appearing in the magazine…”, explains Daniel Ayuso, secretary-general of the General Nursing Council. This is why so many nurses published with biologists or pharmacists spaniards, in their publications”. Also, remember, the ANECA does not post teaching practices —fundamental in Nursing— only to the theoretical, and this delays nurses to achieve accreditation.

Health has met with the deans of Medicine to treat the problem of the lack of teachers, but not with Nursing. Judith Rock is the dean of Nursing in Lleida, where you use partners —what are 144 of 177— and are pulling out seats as are his nurses and that, calculated, and lasts for nine years between the phd and the first temporary contracts. “We have a research infrastructure that is not conducive to the academic career. Let’s not forget that until 2009 was a bachelor’s, although the powers are putting the batteries, they’re moving,” he says.

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