The example you gave before the Slavia Prague, when Jordi Alba was left in the dressing room during the intermission because it fell of his injury in the femoral biceps of the left leg. Time in which Valverde took Sergi Roberto and converted to Semedo as it did before the Lift, among other things, because Junior, left-handed and signed to give respite in the lane, I was in the stands. Nothing strange in this Club, that or not account with the new or place them out of place, for more than when it was closed the summer market all the headlines and plaudits went to the sports area, able to sign Griezmann and De Jong.

Some additions which were not so expensive because the technical secretariat also squared off as was the accounts, to the extent that the economic balance between the high and the low was 100 million of spending (255 in shopping; 156 in sales with Malcom, Cillessen, Alcácer, Denis, André Gomes and the transfer of Coutinho). All a mule to LaLiga and Europe, committed as it is the barca team on to win the Champions league -“my dream is to return to win it”, gave Messi this week for World Soccer – once and for all. “Barca is one of the best teams in the world and is always one of the favorites. But I don’t care if we are or not. What I want is to win the Champions league,” reflected De Jong from the Camp Nou, after a draw with Slavia in a new meeting in which the joint made water, determined to arrive with a rush at the opponent’s area, far from be grouped around the ball and without the foot or the circulation needed to subdue an opponent who took more risks than anyone else because he planted the defensive line on the spinal cord. Another match in which the new were left in the sunset, and that showed that this Barça is neither what it was nor knows reformulated.


“we’re in a difficult time. There is frustration” Impotent Barca

Of all who have come to the team this season, only De Jong combines the praise of the crowd, for more than on many occasions to play in midfield when your body asked to be a steering wheel. “You need space to move around. When he plays in central midfield his physical deployment we do go to many sites and there are that make up that movement with other players,” agreed Valverde. But he insisted to put the midfielder before the Slavia, for more to share the line with Busquets. A outrageous because the Dutch were getting in the building but was lost in the next step, without open ends or flyers that are offered because Arturo Vidal played down and this is already a contradiction in itself. In addition to Frenkie De Jong, also played Griezmann. And said between the coach and the sports area do not share too much of the criteria. “Antoine can act in any position of the front of the attack and will be key to giving it over to Suarez in a game”, explained from the technical secretariat. You do not have the same idea Valverde, who prefers to put Messi in striker before the French by more than Suarez to stay in the rebotica. But while De Jong and Griezmann act out of place, the rest didn’t even dress short.

“I Always leave to the side on the bench, left-handed or right-handed, and against Slavia was Sergi Roberto. But we have Junior, has played matches and continue playing”, solved the technical on its side forgotten, to whom he has just given 234 minutes by more that Dawn has lost six matches out of 15. A trend which is fashionable. Case of Todibo, signed during the past winter and that has gone on 77 minutes spread over two games, against Getafe and Sevilla. If Wagué, ascended to oxygenate-to-Semedo, the whole time it is presupposed that Sergi Roberto would act in the spinal cord. Intention that it lasted very little and has not allowed you to see the side-senegalese. And case Net, still yet to debut for barca in a match official to the expected start of the Cup.

Wenger: “Play as if you were in a crisis”

The club has also lost direction with the ball at his feet, because it does not know how to touch up your style or to recover the that he made it big. “They are first in the league and first in their group and play as if you were in a crisis. The game is too slow, no dynamism, in the last 30 meters is too individual and each time you lose the ball it gives the feeling that it works a goal on the counterattack because they can’t slow down the speed of the opponent,” he said to BeIN Sports, Arsène Wenger, extécnico Arsenal. A critique of the more expressive from the Barcelona do not want to hear. “By the questions, I see that there are reasons for concern, but I’ve heard around here that we follow leaders, so let’s worry a little bit, but not both”, resolved Valverde. “I would ask for a little patience”, joined Pique; “I remember the first year of Luis Enrique when the first months are not things worked and then ended up winning the treble”. But it is not the first year of Valverde, or the fan to have the patience because the team has not been able to regenerate and has lost the style, and also its signs of identity and football in general.

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