Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz have a heart and a soul

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are Excited to see the national and international press is always looking back to Capri, where Heidi Klum (46) and Tom Kaulitz (29) are in the midst of your glamorous wedding celebrations. While at least most of the guests be careful not to post photos and Videos in social networks, is now, allegedly, at least leaked, what time the ceremony should start. So it takes according to the image information until 18 o’clock, the marriage of the two will be tied the knot in front of the assembled guests.

That, including star designer Wolfgang Joop (74) or the German singer Sasha (47) taking official pictures from the day before already. Hollywood Star Kyle MacLachlan (60), Model-colleague, Naomi Campbell (49) and Mariah Carey (49) could also be on Board the yacht “Christina O”, the latter of which is supposed to also be for the bride and groom perform. The Name Seal (56), Klum’s Ex-husband, has been circulating again and again.

A Surprise, also still if you are also on the ship trust, the former owner Aristotle Onassis (1906-1975), named after his daughter Christina Onassis (1950-1988), or whether it goes to it but then back to the mainland.

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