With “The Dark Pictures: One of Medan” will it play in August, creepy

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As in the previous month is also in August in terms of re-release of the video is relatively quiet. In addition to a few great titles, a hand appears but very promising smaller Games. One of the best titles of the month is likely to “be The Dark Pictures: One of Medan”, the new game from the makers of the critically acclaimed Horror adventure Until Dawn.

Hellish boat adventure

With “The Dark Pictures: One of Medan” (PC, PS4, Xbox One) appears on the 30. August the first part of a playable Horror anthology that horror fans happy for quite a while. Five friends are planning a boat trip, the starts fun, but a short time later, a real nightmare. You want to explore the mystery of a wreck from the Second world war. The cinematic adventure, but it can be played not only alone, but also on – or offline in a variety of Co-op modes.

the “Alan Wake” and “Quantum Break”-makers in August, a new title on the market. A few days earlier, on 27. August, appears to “Control” for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In the Action-adventure a supernatural assumes Power in control of a secret New York authority. In the role of the new Director, Jesse thread, players need to find out what exactly happened, while you encounter more and more strange experiments and secrets.

Not less gloomy it is in the “Remnant: From the Ashes” (PC, PS4, Xbox One), the 20. August is available. In the Survival Action players hit individually or online with two friends through a post-apocalyptic reality in which the humanity from ancient monsters from another Dimension is haunted. After the player build an Arsenal of weapons and equipment, with which you have to fight to Survive.

Maybe, maybe not…

In the charmingly drawn Puzzle Adventure “The Great Perhaps” (PC) will return an astronaut from the 14. August is a time travel adventure. An unknown disaster has ravaged the earth. With the aid of a strange lamp, the player can switch between the Now and the past. Thus, it is important to find out what exactly happened and whether it is possible to avert the worst, perhaps even.

“Age of Wonders: Planet fall” (PC, PS4, Xbox One) developed for about 20 years, the popular strategy game series. They say the Fantasy good-bye, and crashes with “Planet fall” at 6. August in a galactic clash of empires in a new Sci-Fi Setting. Of strategic and tactical skills are needed here, to lead the own of a total of six factions in a prosperous future and against the adversary. And, of course, other human players can be a challenge.

After “I Am Setsuna,” and “Lost Sphear” appears on the 22. August, with “Oninaki” (PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch), the third game of the Tokyo RPG Factory. In the Action-role player will be game to the young guard Kagachi, to guide lost souls into the next world. After he encounters a mysterious girl, takes his fate, however, an unforeseen turn of events. Kagachi binds different demons to survive in the fast-paced real-time fight against all kinds of monsters and boss monsters.

Crashes and Tackles

However, the Sport does not come in the summer to short. Since the 2. August will fight for players in “Madden NFL 20” (PC, PS4, Xbox One) to the American Football Star, and try the renowned Super Bowl for your Team. Of course, the popular “Ultimate Team” you can acquire players for his ultimate dream team. The “Superstar X-Factor”-System-special abilities for player can also unlock.

a mess it is with “MXGP 2019” (PS4, Xbox One) when players from the 27. August online with up to eleven human opponents, or alone offline about the new Motocross tracks. Not only 19 official Events, as well as the drivers, Teams and bikes in the MXGP and MX2 season, set in 2019, but also a track Editor, with the separate slopes are namely.

Also, from the 27. August heat actually scrap maturity racer for the PC is already longer available “Wreckfest” also on PS4 and Xbox One via numerous routes and disassemble the competition in your items – as we know from Games like the “FlatOut” or “Destruction Derby”series. It is of course about Winning, on the way to the top experienced, however, a satisfactory destruction of orgies, as it is only found in a few other Games. Owners of the PC Version will receive a free Update.

the end of mankind

In the implementation of the popular Cooperative Board game “Pandemic”, the on 1. August is released for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, players are members of a special unit to prevent the end of humanity. As scientists, medics, logisticians, and in other roles, you need to try to fight fatal diseases. Players take on either multiple characters or split in Couch Co-op, the epidemics, the fight against.

One of the wackiest title of the month appears at the 6. August, with “Metal Wolf Chaos XD” (PC, PS4, Xbox One). The new edition of the pure in Japan, published Shooters of 2004 makes player to be the President of the United States, was raised in with weapons mounted on a Mech against the rebellious Vice-President and the troops. Was developed this Patriotic fever dream by from software, which are, among other things, for the “Souls”series and “Sekiro: Shadows of The Twice” responsible.

“Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure” (PC) hits the cosmic Horror of H. P. Lovecraft (1890 – 1937) on any lot of Humor. 7. August make Detective Don, librarian Buzz, and the hands-Kitteh cat on a journey that takes you in all sorts of bizarre situations. All of this would not have happened if Buzz would not be like the Necronomicon in the hands. The unusual Combination in this classic Point&Click must-try adventure, Kitteh back into the.

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