This is a phenomenon that affects many small towns in the territory. In the face of the desertification of a doctor, they are forced to adopt drastic action to attract physicians. In Marolles-les-Braults in the Sarthe, the mayor promises, for example, 8 000 euros gross per month for 35 hours a week to the practitioner who will be willing to come and work in the municipality, reveals The Parisien.

Some were launched in a quest for media attention, such as the town of Ychoux, Landes. The mayor has issued an order prohibiting its citizens from falling ill. An approach similar to that of Troguéry, Brittany. To make the buzz, the municipal official had announced the recruitment of a… druid. A simple nod of the communication which had been put under the spotlight the problem of medical deserts in France. Other elected officials prefer them, opt for a more concrete approach, in currency to hard cash. The problem is that in this game the winner is the one who pockets the most full.

– Upmanship salary

This is the bitter experience that has made the city of Vouillé, deux-Sèvres. The mayor offers a salary of 4 000 to 5 500 euros net per month for 35 hours a week. An offer now overtaken by Jean-Michel Lefebvre, mayor (DVD) from Marolles-les-Braults. This commune of the Sarthe is going to lose two of its three doctors here in the month of February. In order to attract one, or even two doctors, it now offers to build a house of health, but also the reward of 7 000 to 8 000 euros gross each. By comparison, in 2016, the Caisse autonome de retraite des médecins de France (Carmf) showed that a generalist liberal, working more than 50 hours per week, earning on average 6 351 euros.

The promise of this attractive salary seems to have succeeded in Maroilles-les-Braults. Ten CVS are that arrived, five of which correspond to the profile sought. A risky situation, however, since the model is not cost-effective, according to the mayor. Two wages of this type would cost approximately 500,000 euros per year for the cash estimated to be only 336 000 euros. A worrying situation, according to Yannick Schmitt, president of the union ReAGJIR, who defends the young general. “The danger is that the mayors are in the one-upmanship. And that the doctors are put to the nomadic lifestyle, chasing after the highest bidders. “

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