The guys from “Scumbag Labs” perform “in the name of science” dangerous out Tests with cars – in principle, the “Mythbusters” of the auto industry. Now you have come on a more curious idea: the guys an old Audi 200 have built a new set of wheels – made of wood. As always, do Not imitate!

Audi 200 gets plywood tires

ever Scumbag Labs “has” tried a car tire miss wood – this went on during the Test spectacularly in flames. For a new Video, you are ready to take the Test a second Time.

The Test vehicle was an Audi 200 with all-wheel-drive and a five-cylinder turbo engine and four self-built plywood-and-tire-with each 60 centimeters in diameter. Before the driving test of one of the guys from “Scumbag Labs was” an initial prognosis: “I’m going to grease it.”

Team performs three Tests: How to make tires out of plywood?

a Total of three different Test carried out for the guys with the wooden wheels: brakes, Donuts, rotate and explore boundaries. For comparison, the boys took their course first, with normal tires.

During the braking test showed: rubber-the correct choice of tires are still here. With the plywood tire of the car, put despite full braking, still many meters back through the Barrier, which served as a boundary marker broke.

Excellent-the next Test, however, was: When Turning of Donuts, the driver failed with rubber tires – probably unintentionally – miserably. With the plywood tire he turned, however, exemplary of the rounds within the selected range. Then one of the tires broke apart, however, and had to be replaced.

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The last Test was, however, in the pants with the rubber tire, the driver went the Barrier, rather than simply the delineation of rewarming as short as possible. With the plywood wheels, he landed but a few feet in front of it in an Offside position, and also lost two more tires. Nevertheless, the Team was satisfied: The Drive with the wooden tires would have been extremely fun.

Here you can see the Video of “Scumbag Labs” to the plywood-and-tire Test:

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