Update of 22. February, 11.51 am: More than 42 years after the Disappearance of a girl in the upper Palatinate, the police go after the 35 new Notes. “We are because of our investigative work and the current techniques and methods to be confident to find even after a long time the location of Monika fresh wood,” said Weidener Prosecutor Bernhard Voit on Friday. The twelve-year-old student from Flossenbürg (district of Neustadt an der Waldnaab) is missing since 1976.

at the beginning of February 2019, according to police information, the last members of the schoolgirl, her brother, died. “The investigations were for him and the family is always stressful, nevertheless, the desire for education was, until recently, unbroken.”

first message: police want to clarify, after 42 years of alleged murder of student,

Flossenbürg, As the police announced on Friday, has been formed in the case and, since 1976, in the flossenburg concentration camp (in the district of Neustadt/Waldnaab) missing schoolgirl, according to a new lighter note now, a investigation group.

body of the child, until now, not

investigators do not exclude that the twelve-year-old victim of a sex murder. Because the child’s body was not found until today, can this not be said concretely yet.

murder in Germany is not time-barred, the public Prosecutor in Weiden, the Disappearance of the child now as a murder case. According to the previous findings, the police suspect that the student at the 25. May 1976 in the afternoon or in the evening, your murderer in the vicinity of their place of residence. After her Disappearance, witnesses reported that the girl wanted to meet up with a young lad.

more and more “Cold Cases” in Kripos

In the past years, the German criminal police forces were reinforced, so-called Cold Cases, in order to clarify these cases. In particular, advances in DNA identification will make it possible to resolve even after a long time, such a crime. So a man in court who is accused of murdering a quarter of a century, a prostitute in Augsburg, currently.


police announced new Details in case of missing children.

In the case of the two missing Neuburger children, there are new Details, received from the population.


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