you need a caravan to get there, where most of the Cars would have stayed that long? A with high ground clearance, a solid bottom plate, a suspension that can handle knee-deep holes? A caravan, Not with steel rope and our own winch out of the Mud?

This car there are actually. In Australia, the company brother Expedition builds an off-road car that belongs to the caravan of the German long-term camper like a Leopard II to a combination of Dacia.

Huge and indestructible

off-road trailer is available in greater number on the market. But most of them are small boxes, which correspond to the size, more like a skimpy two-man tent. The vehicle of the brother, however, is adult 6.7 metres long, is Australia finally, for large dimensions is known. The EXP-6 provides space for a family. The individually adjustable air-suspension of road use on offroad mode. The ground clearance is a whopping 65 inches. In practice, one has to keep however, the enormous length of the Trailer in the head. The composite surface is rough strokes of Branches. The cabin is sealed waterproof and absolutely buoyant. If you look at the pictures of brother, you should remember that during the recording of professional off-roader at the wheel sat. A normal vacationers should not try any Stunt, the EXP-6 GT.

brother EXP-6 GT: This Camping Monster is the all-terrain tank under the caravan Fullscreen

The chassis can also crawl.

©brother Greater inside height plus Hardtop

The GT is distinguished by a walk-on Hardtop of the older models of the series. The cabin is mounted on a galvanised chassis. Their structure is, however, itself. In principle, the structure can be completely separated from the frame. From the outside, the EXP-6 GT and a Cargobox from “Star Wars”, inside it offers the amenities of a mobile home with lots of storage space. The master bed 153 times 203 centimeters in size, even has a window, through which one can look to the stars. So romantic is not designed the interior. It is elegant, but it remains, above all, relevant and functional.

life inside and outside

The two longitudinal sofas in two other beds. The kitchen area is designed for operation in Indoor and in the outdoor area of the trailer. The EXP-6 GT, you can use even in extreme cold, but brother from the deal, the expedition mostly live around the caravan around is play, and not only in the Interior. Also the TV is to the outside pivoting. Of course, there is a shower room for the outdoor area. In-room amenities include a bathroom and a small washing machine on Board. Solar power plant, a 225-Ah-Lithium-battery and a 170-Liter water tank provide the necessary self-sufficiency. Thus the Trailer not as dirty in the Wilderness, keeps a positive pressure system, the dust from the cabin.

This type of trailers is rarely bought by the rod, usually the customer’s request, customized models. Brother is able to adapt to his followers on the rules of each country, so you can also order a EU-compliant copy.

cheap, the living is not a monster truck, however. The prices start in the 100,000 Euro Zone.

source: brother

sCarabane This residence a mobile Bungalow is the car with the full green energy

Chic and ecological: The sCarabane is pulled like a trailer. Once placed, he is as big as a small house rotates with the sun and generates its power entirely self-sufficient.


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