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This is how Oliver Pocher feels after he has survived a corona infection

April 19, 2020 – 5:13 p.m.

Are you all right again, Olli?

A few weeks ago, Oliver Pocher (42) and his wife Amira (26) shocked their fans with this news. First, the 26-year-old mother of a young son announced that she had been infected with the corona virus, and shortly afterwards the comedian was also tested positively. The quarantine is now over for both of them, but is Oliver Pocher really healthy now? The moderator confesses to Frauke Ludowig in an interview: “I still have a slight scratch on my lungs.” You can find out what a check with the doctor showed in the video.

Oliver Pocher wants to take people’s fear away: “You don’t have to over-dramatize it.”

Frauke Ludowig goes to Oliver Pocher at a distance. Like many other people in Germany, it adheres to the specified minimum distance that is intended to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Many people are unsettled and afraid. Oliver Pocher also saw the other side: “I see a lot more people who take this lightly,” he explains.

He takes the virus seriously, but also wants to take away the fear of it: “You don’t have to over-dramatize it.” The comedian believes that we will have to deal with Corona for the next few months.

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Frauke Ludowig

Oliver Pocher


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