people with Alzheimer’s dementia treated in Germany, often incorrectly or not at all. This is one of the on Wednesday published innovation report by the techniker Krankenkasse (TK). Overall, therefore, only 14 percent of the dementia patients TK-Insured is only a drug for the treatment of the disease, a so-called anti-dementia drug.

Nine percent is to be treated with a medication for dementia and in addition with a sedative. One Patient in four (26 percent) with a diagnosis of dementia receives only a sedative. Half of the patients remains untreated.

“This is a serious Deficiency with sedatives, and the simultaneous under-provision of Anti-dementia drugs cannot be used with the medical guidelines explain,” said the Bremen health scientists Gerd Glaeske. Instead, the suspicion lying here”, that people with dementia are simply made quiet, instead of treating them properly”. TK CEO Jens Baas called for to improve the care of people with dementia urgently.

Still not a cure discovered

In Germany, about 1.7 million people today are considered to be suffering from dementia. Approximately two-thirds of them Alzheimer’s disease, the most common Form of dementia. The disease of the brain leads to loss of mental functions such as Thinking, language, judgment and orientation, as well as to the death or severe damage of the brain cells in the cerebral cortex.

The currently available dementia medications only slow down the progression of the disease, you can stop or heal. Associations such as the German Alzheimer’s society complain for quite some time a decline in the Alzheimer’s disease research to develop new therapies and drugs.

already, some large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have set up the research in this area is complete, let the hope of a breakthrough in the therapy of back in the distant future, the TK in your report.



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