The title of the ad was simple: “to sell 14-year-old Boy”. The price is 90,000 euros, but negotiable. A 15-Year-old from Munich had set the display for the Online platform of eBay classifieds with the photo of his classmate, as the Munich police force confirmed to the MIRROR.

Accordingly, in the offer, it would be a “bad buy”, the “copy to come, unfortunately, from China”, “absolutely inferior”, an “oil change” is recommended. According to the Munich-based “Abendzeitung” this was a further escalation stage of a longer bullying. The affected 14-Year-old should already be previously on the schoolyard bullies.

A woman was already encountered at the beginning of January to the display and informed the police. Officials of the Department of human trafficking identified. When they found out who is behind the ad, made by the Munich district court for a search warrant.

In may, searched use of force, the flat of the 15-Year-old, he lives with his parents. The Boy said it was a “bawdy fun, out of boredom,” as informed by the police. In the room of the boy, the police also found a so-called Soft-Nunchaku, a weapon, which is also the term W├╝rgeholz known.

According to the police, must be responsible for the 15-Year-old is now in juvenile court for defamation.



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