There’s nothing like a plate full of steaming, fragrant Pasta. These simple and at the same time so beautiful enjoyment, you can make but a mistake to be undone.

Too much sauce ruins the Pasta-enjoy

On this error, it is possible to identify the most inexperienced cooks easily, is the Italian Pasta expert, Antonella Rana for sure. It is Drowning in sauce. In an interview with the English Mirror, she describes it so vividly that you will run the water in the mouth together: “they Have great, fresh filled Pasta, all the flavor Inside. You need only a splash of extra-virgin olive oil and a little Parmesan cheese on it.” If any sauce is added, then only a small spoon. “The filling of fresh Tortellini has their own taste and their own strength. We Italians do not try to cover with too much sauce Verde.” The Queen of the Pasta itself, the sauce is just a tool.

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Pasta Needs to be, in fact, always “al dente”?

And also for the eternal question of whether “al dente” Pasta should be, has Antonella a simple tip. You should simply stick to the indication on the packaging as there is no Right or Wrong here. In the South, the people would eat their Pasta “almost raw”, while the Italians in the North, they like a lot softer. You go in there, so according to your own taste and enjoy them without a guilty Conscience.

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