Just last weekend, as the team of coach Thomas Neumeier was the same twice, you could have the bag with the large letters “rise” on it already. But from the two games of the top riders of the circle class 3 took just a point.

Now is the time as soon as possible in the track not to return, to ruin a very good season towards the end. The next opportunity to earn points, the result this Sunday, when the CSR receives Benediktbeuern home the TSV (15).

“Maybe this is exactly the right opponent at this time,” he says Neumeier. “As we are last to occur, we can only find the fight back to our game.” And of the just against an opponent like Benediktbeuern is essential. “If you don’t keep it there, you have no Chance.” to be able to

Whether for Uffings Motor Georg Kutter offers you the opportunity, again, to fight, probably only in the warm-up. The Practice sessions during the week the leading player in anyway as a precaution omitted. “Everyone knows that George is missing, if he can’t play,” Uffings exercise head. “But if we squint really in the direction of ascent, we must not make ourselves of the individual players. Since all the need to back other then just more together and find a solution together. Weepy Whining will not help us there.“

Neumeier is sure, however, that each of its Kicker, knows exactly what counts against the guests. “The are still in the highest risk area and fight to the classes. Since every inch of our place will be tilled, that is exactly where we need to be present.“ ak

source: Merkur.de


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