Hotels get on the net reviews so that other travelers can use it. The same happens also for Airlines, cruises or popular holiday destinations.

so Why not the oceans? On Google that is exactly what happens – and it really is to shoot.

Humorous Google reviews: the Pacific ocean cut off

for example, a User by the name of Florian G. gives a rating of only two stars for the Pacific, with the words: “to me, to be honest, a little too big; I wanted to explore the ocean on a weekend, but according to the guide I’ve just managed to 0.05 percent. Not suitable for people who have less than five years time, and when you get in today’s culture of ever so long a vacation? But nice people.”

User trNk27 place more than three stars gained in the Pacific, because: “for me, personally, to wet something. When the size of one or two signposts were also installed. There are enough Parking – at least if you have a long breath.”

But also all-round rave reviews of the Pacific gets on Google. About user Matti S.: “I really Like. In most Places it is significantly warmer than other oceans!” Nicole L.: “Great ocean! Well, maybe not the Best, but definitely among the TOP 5!” In the entirety of the Pacific receives 3.5 out of a possible five stars.

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Humorous Google reviews: the Indian ocean intersects ab

the Indian ocean is Also checked for its suitability. Margarita H. shows up in their Google rating enthusiastically: “turquoise, deep Blue, just beautiful.” Heino M. sees, however, things are a little different, and only one out of five stars: “a Wet one, and no Parking. Restaurants of sharks visited and jellyfish to play with micro-plastic. On the Islands, but significantly more beautiful.” In the entirety of the Atlantic ocean, receives a 4.2 out of a possible five stars.

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Humorous Google reviews: the Atlantic cutting tables ocean

The Atlantic ocean is at the User Kapata1.3 very popular: “Very wet, but the salt content is perfect, it tastes good and you can cook noodles (of course you need a stove to do this), but the salt water is already there, so you must take no salt. Also bathing can be good, but it is quite cold in some Places, but also very warm. I can only recommend!” In the entirety of the Atlantic gets a 3.9 out of a possible five stars.

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