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the Chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of health Eugene Brune in an interview with radio Sputnik said about the danger of drinking wine during dinner.

the Specialist explained that to drink a glass of wine with dinner it is customary in Europe. He added that in the Mediterranean countries, a very different climate, which allows for much faster excrete alcohol.

“I think that for many thousands of years of wine drinking that has led to genetic changes in the population of the Mediterranean countries. They are more resistant to wine, but if you start in the same amount to drink Grappa or brandy, then the consequences will be severe,” – said the psychiatrist.

Brun said that drunk over dinner with a glass of wine does not automatically make the person an alcoholic, however, this category can be classified as people with “uncontrollable desire to drink this glass of wine, and there are no brakes.”

the Psychiatrist invited the doubters to pass the technician test that shows the amount of proteins of hepatic origin.

“If this rate is higher, then we say that the dose to that individual exceeds the biological norm. One glass of wine a day for women can show the abuse of alcohol. Some men, too. It is always an individual thing,” explained Yevgeny Bryun.

Also, the chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health noted that alcohol has on the human body toxic effects, adding that safe for the body dose of alcohol does not exist. According to him, the feeling of intoxication is just one of the side effects of alcoholic beverages.

Earlier in the National Union of consumer rights protection said that in 2019 retail sales rose wines. Compared to the year 2018, the experts found an increase of 1.9 percent. A similar trend was noted in the segment of champagne and sparkling wines.

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