a Lot of fun with the funniest family-tweets of the week!

Every Friday, we select the case of Twitter, the Tweets that we have found in the past week the most Fun. Thanks for the anecdotes from your family life, you can sweeten us the last working day before the weekend!

wt topics in this article, children Twitter favorite toys parents be TV New in the family A Doll Like Me dolls for children with disabilities – “Now I’m not the Only one who looks” By Susanne shooting display star travel worlds, American Football live – journey to the NFL in the USA, Parental Coach New Job – parent coach is to help kids from the screen to try to rescue Scotland, image of the Training: This child has A sweet Before-and-After-apparently wild Darmstadt “SOS uproar”: Ten years of calling because of the computer ban to help the police AFP At a concert in Ireland, Foo Fighters, get five-year-old Fan on stage and he is rocking step the Show Horrible injuries-grandma to watch a little girl – as it cries out, dipped his feet in boiling water, Unnoticed pregnant they thought it was kidney stones were, then it turned out, it was blow – by triplets By Susanne Baller the beginning of School, What do you get to school? 15 gift ideas for first graders From Anna Stefanski Airy family Hobby, kite-flying made easy: your flying object lifts sure from the Tweets of the week “children, look, the plums are ripe!” K2: “We can bake cakes!” C1: “Yeah – Apple Pie!” 40 new Levels of Mahjong – free to play! Privacy play Many schools, parents prohibit the Photographing of children at school entry creativity Desperate Because her mother her cell phone away, twitters Dorothy by refrigerator From Wiebke Tomescheit large family in Pittsburgh, Gay Couple adopted six siblings on a string C. Tauzher: The Pubertäterin The natural enemy of the teenage girl at summer camp … a Twitter discussion a 14-year-old student Intern I really Need a resume? Tweets of the week “you Know, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “No, and you?” What I ask so stupid gifts for first graders What is to come in the school bag? Ten creative tips for filling Tweets of the week The child is so used to grandma: “mom cleaned up for you. You’ll get a heart attack.” Police recommends Using this Trick you can find your child in any crowd Denver Boy wants to fulfill the last wish of his father and receives help from the police and fire Department


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