Update from 26. February 2019: the revealing Outfit, Vanessa Blumhagen, and the outrage of many viewers, various media had written. But the satellite.1-expert, also gets a lot of praise for their brave choice of dress, as we had written below already. She seems to be happy.

In your Insta-Story, she shared the comment of an other user that a Screenshot with the remark, “Let the woman(en), please wear what you want(n)”. The user “Titsempowerment wrote!!!! Women empower women“. Blumhagens concise comment: “Thank you, Natalie!”

+ A Screenshot from Vanessa Blumhagens Instagram Story.© Screenshot Too hot for TV? Viewers outraged at the Outfit of a satellite.1-women

Update vom 25. February 2019: Oh, Oh! A revealing Outfit, Vanessa Blumhagen has Sat.1. again, for the amazement and also Trouble in a part of the audience.

Blumhagen is the celebrity expert in the Sat.1-Breakfast television. Quite clear that you had that’s why on Monday your bet. And while several Stars did some on the red carpet at the Oscars with fabric, want to let Blumhagen (on the photo on the left), not rags.

look to> you was this post on Instagram

shared A post by SAT.1 Breakfast television (@Breakfast television) on Feb 25, 2019 at 1:08 PM PST

you wore a Top with gaaaaaaaanz deep wound closure. What looks on the above photo is relatively harmless, it acts in the Instagram Story in quite a different way. Repeatedly, in particular, the left breast, threatening to plop out of the shell. A fortiori, if the celebrity expert prevents.

+ To hot for Breakfast television?© Screenshot

This sight pleased the spectators. “Oscar, but such a cutout does not need to be in Breakfast television. I’m not a prude!!!!!!!!!“, a Instagram users outraged. “Omg evil woman Blumhagen, to be honest, it doesn’t work. I understand that you are proud of your new figure, but why offer the TV? Nice, unfortunately, is different….. A pity“ another.

+ Some of the spectators was a little too revealing.© Screenshot

But there are also contrary opinions: “There’s nothing to show for Breakfast television. Everything in the green area. FSK 0. Have a nice day, stay loose,“ writes one. “Hammer-neck from Vanessa. You can afford also in the Frūhstūcksfernsehen. All so prudish not stop“.

Also on Monday, it came to a humorous spat in Breakfast television. In the centre: Alina Merkau, a picture of her – and how your colleague sees your Breasts.

Sat.1-presenter Blumhagen sees Helene-Fischer-and-friend – and brings the bust in position

Update vom 25. January 2019: Satellite.1 presenter Vanessa Blumhagen was in Munich on Thursday night and made an interesting discovery at the Show of the glasses manufacturer Rodenstock. Surprised, she noticed that Helene Fischer’s new Partner Thomas lateral delivery as a Model on the Catwalk. Immediately she pulled out her Smartphone and made for your Instagram Story, and a Video of the performance. “But it’s the New one from Helene Fischer…!!!”, she wrote: excited for this, apparently.

Whether it is the sight of the attractive man was a quite joyful TV-woman moved, her Breasts in position? Anyway, she posted in her Instagram Story then a Video of her daring Top. They brought all of the above around in Position and provided even deeper insights.

Because sexy is not enough, Blumhagen, later on, in a bathtub, and flirted with the camera. A very similar Pose showed her ARD colleague, Mareile Höppner in probably the same bath.

look about you, this post on Instagram

ball pit ever! A thousand thanks to @fatekastrati for my mega Outfit! . #view #Munich #ootd #tub #Roden stock eyewear #shades #glasses #German Museum #bwmcommunications #ball pool #party #event #lovemyjob #somuchfun #happy girl #blessed

A post shared by Vanessa Blumhagen (@vanessa_blumhagen) on Jan 25, 2019 at 1:58 am PST

Breakfast television: satellite.1-expert Vanessa Blumhagen with a giant neck

Update from the 16. January 2019: Who would have thought! Vanessa Blumhagen camera shy. “I feel in front of photo cameras totally uncomfortable,” confesses the TV presenter in her latest Post on Instagram. But she has a Trick: Dfor the right photographer.

Oliver Reetz this photographer is, in this case – and he made a really great photo of the presenter (41) with an impressive neckline. “Oliver creates it that I’m the unusual Situation to forget and easy,” says Blumhagen.

check out this post on Instagram

photo shoot with @oliverreetz free to play game. I feel in front of photo cameras are totally uncomfortable. But Oliver makes it, I’m in the unusual Situation to forget and easy to. Thank you for the great day in Your Studio! And for the great pictures! . #display #photo #shooting #hamburg #picture #fashion #lifestyle #makeup #portrait #lovemyjob #happy girl #blessed

A post shared by Vanessa Blumhagen (@vanessa_blumhagen) on Jan 15, 2019 at 5:32 PM PST

Vanessa Blumhagen is on Sat.1-Breakfast television celebrity expert, but also as an author is known, after a book published about their disease, Hashimoto’s.

Sat.1-expert Vanessa Blumhagen: Wow cleavage on a photo from 2009

Update vom 14. January 2019:

Vanessa Blumhagen has many Fans, among other things, because they are in the satellite.1-Breakfast television as a celebrity expert with your sympathetic assessments of offers. But also because it presents itself always in revealing Outfits.

That was, apparently, ten years ago. Today, the 41-Year-old has now posted on Instagram two photos. The a you today, the other one is according to own data from the year 2009. She wore her hair at the time obviously shorter, but it was on the Red carpet in another eye-catcher is the deep cleavage of her white dress.

check out this post on Instagram

2019 vs. 2009! OMG! . #display #10yearschallenge #wasmannichtallestut #ootd #changed little height #Breakfast #heart forchildren #tv #redcarpet #funny #happy girl #blessed

A post shared by Vanessa Blumhagen (@vanessa_blumhagen) on Jan 14, 2019 at 1:55 PM PST

“at the Time, and today is a Mega-woman,” exults a user. “Attractive as ever” is another. “Full of sweet, because I had a crush on me smooth in you,” says another. And at least one says they have developed to a Positive. To blossoms “to your advantage

Unbelievable: presenter makes TV appearance for laughs – the reason for this is obscene – can you See it?

Vanessa Blumhagen shows your Apples with a plunging neckline

Update from the 7. January 2019:

Vanessa Blumhagen, gossip expert from the satellite.1-Breakfast television, flirts with your bust size. We have discussed below. And it is also not to be overlooked on your Instagram Account. Since the first photo of the new year was almost harmless, even if the dress is knackeng and commenting it with “Pooh, det POPs!”.

look, POPs you with this post on Instagram

Pooh, det! . #display #colors #red #orange #sat1frühstücksfernsehen #ootd #red #dress #fake leather #newyear #vip #redcarpet #celebrity #highheels #lifestyle #lovemyjob #happy girl #blessed

A post shared by Vanessa Blumhagen (@vanessa_blumhagen) on Jan 3, 2019 at 1:58 am PST

were The reactions clearly. “Dream wife, Vanessa, showing, however, always so fond of your bosom, why not in Playboy? Offers must be without end. Would us men a ‘big’ favor”, animated by a Fan. But there were other opinions: “she looks like a liver sausage in the dress.”

On Monday now, Vanessa Blumhagen put. And how! A new photo has landed both on its own Instagram page as well as that of the satellite.1-Breakfast television. Blumhagen shows, once more, with opulent cleavage. To do this, two Apples right in front of the Breasts.

see you should you comply with this post on Instagram

Good intentions known. Therefore, @vanessa_blumhagen picks Apples today. What are you thinking? #sat1ffs #sat1frühstücksfernsehen #sat1 #anappleadaykeepsthedoctoraway

shared A post by SAT.1 Breakfast television (@Breakfast television) on Jan 7, 2019 at 1:11 PM PST

Clearly ambiguous.

This is also true for the contribution of post-Breakfast television, in the stands: “Good resolutions you should adhere to as we know. Therefore, Vanessa Blumhagen attacks to Apples today. What are you thinking?“

Some jumped, of course, the deliberate allusion to. “Hot, sweet fruits, Vanessa, and their Apples, now I see fruit with other eyes”, “hammer woman”, “Schöööööneeee Apples Vanessa”, “sexy”, “I think bigger than an Apple,” are the appropriate responses. Other coarse are, so that we do not want to enter here again.

Some people’s pimped but slowly too much: “And again, you want to be in focus, how boring”, a User. Another says: “every time so primitive, very cheap. Hopefully the Posts are by far your seen embarrassing … Shame, Mrs. Blumhagen.“

totally mad: doorbell-shock: What a family looks on the surveillance camera, she can’t believe

Sat.1-Breakfast television-a woman slip almost bust out

Update from 28. December 2018: The Satellite.1-Breakfast television informed the viewers in the Morning with the latest news, whether in politics, current world events, or the celebrity world. As a VIP figurehead, Vanessa serves Blumhagen. The last time the 41 shines-Year-old, however, not only with the latest gossip, but rather with revealing Outfits.

Already about three weeks ago, the pretty presenter surprised in a dark pants suit. Particularly striking, however: the transparent lace body and Mega cleavage. And also this time – away from the Breakfast television – not stingy Vanessa Blumhagen with her Charms. Actually, a Social Media expert with the pretty Brunette wanted to do an Interview about her new book. Whether or not the expert at this sight, however, could focus on the conversation?

look at the end you post on Instagram

For Christmas-a brand new Interview with @lars_wars with me in the beautiful @Ellington Berlin has led!Merry Christmas! ➡ The iPhone app Link in Bio . #display #Christmas #interview #ootd #slimming #book #vip #lifestyle #redcarpet #celebrity #christmas #berlin #lovemyjob #happy girl #blessed

A post shared by Vanessa Blumhagen (@vanessa_blumhagen) on Dec 26, 2018 at 5:24 am PST

On the snapshot: The Society expert in exactly the same Outfit, which has already been taken care of at the beginning of December for a lot of attention. Blumhagen seems to feel, in the dark Trouser suit with the transparent Body, visibly at ease. The Fans are at least Years of love the revealing Outfit of the 41 -. Many of them, however: “In the cleavage, it is very difficult to look into the pretty eyes.”

Respectable: Social Media expert Lars Urban shows himself as a true Gentleman, look you constantly in the eyes and does not distract.

Update vom 19. December 2018: It is not by the way the handle of the first light schmuddelte fail, Vanessa Blumhagen. At the end of October she posed Lufen highly questionable, along with your Breakfast television-colleague, Marlene. Blumhagen indicated that they groped Lufen Breasts. Whether or not you should do that, really?

see you this post on Instagram

For this photo, no Heading is necessary . @marlenelufen and @vanessa_blumhagen have definitely always fun! #sat1 #Breakfast-television, #sat1frühstücksfernsehen #sat1ffs

shared A post by SAT.1 Breakfast television (@Breakfast television) called on Oct 29, 2018 at 2:15 am PDT

The image of course, led to a series of Macho comments. “I would also like to Hand“, writes one. “Jo, let it fly to the horns of kneading”, is another. “Rather be Bi than never”.

Many find the action funny. However, some are also simply shocked by the action. A Followerin: “What are you doing now? It is just not on.“

Sat.1-woman attacks with your Outfit quite in addition

Our article of 11. December 2018: Unterföhring – Vanessa Blumhagen is a Society expert on the Sat.1-Breakfast television. The TV-wife likes to go sexy – and it can allow itself also. With your Outfit from Monday, she has overdone it but from the point of view of many viewers. On your Instagram page, there was a small Shitstorm.

Outfit in the satellite.1 Breakfast TV brings the channel viewer complaints

your titillating and sheer top showed off her slender belly and emphasized her cleavage. To provocatively from the point of view of many. “The shell is…. In a Rotlichtbar!“, ruled a Instagram-commentator. “I can’t find the top part so for TV. To me is a bit too revealing,“ said another.

“I’m anything but a prude, but I find the total in the bowl of the mark,” complained a male Fan in the comment section. “It just looks as if you had pulled the pantyhose up”, ranting and raving. “As a woman with all the Power in the Playboy want to be,” speculated even to another Instagram users.

on the Other hand, there was a Stunning but also a lot of praise for the daring Outfit from other Fans of the presenter: “!”, “Grenade!”, “You look mega hot” they found.

check out this post on Instagram

Hohoho! Who wants to go sledding with me? #display #christmas #snow #ootd #vip #celebrity #redcarpet #monday #goodvibes #feeling good #web paint #lovemyjob #happy girl #blessed

A post shared by Vanessa Blumhagen (@vanessa_blumhagen) on Dec 10, 2018 at 4:46 PM PST

Blumhagen shows like body hugging and gives the audience always changes depth insights. As in this broadcast of Breakfast television in October:

watch there you to this post on Instagram

In the kitchen the best parties. Monday in the morning. While other work… . #ad #Breakfast television #sat1 #Monday #good morning #live #laugh #love #goodvibes #havefun #enjoy #lovemyjob #kitchen #celebrity #vip #redcarpet #happy girl #blessed

A post shared by Vanessa Blumhagen (@vanessa_blumhagen) on Oct 8, 2018 at 3:13 PM PDT

celebrity Vanessa Blumhagen: “Pack a advises your Breasts!”

bust the TV expert was even in the Sat.1-Breakfast television itself already a topic. On the red carpet at the German TV award in 2018, almost completely bared Breasts were talking. Moderators-Mrs Ruth Moschner a asked you directly: “Pack up your Tits again!”

Blumhagen is on the borders in front of the camera – certainly not for the last Time.


Sat.1-Breakfast television presenter presses colleague Breasts to the face

Mareile Höppner is known as “Explosive,”presenter. During a visit to a satellite.1 a colleague, now made acquaintance with their bust size.

Sky presenter reveals a secret and makes for amazement

a Lot of celebrities came to the “Audi Generation Award” in Munich. But a guest is steel with a Information of all the Show. On Instagram, the Sky presenter makes for amazement.

“Infinitely sad”: Sat.1-gentlemen take in Breakfast television, saying goodbye to Martin Haas

A incredibly heavier appearance: The tears close colleagues of Martin Haas have the first “SATELLITE.1-Breakfast television,“ moderated after the latter’s sudden death.

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