Trips to Europe fell in Russia

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

a trip by bus through the cities of Europe over the past year has fallen, reports citing the data of Rosstat.

In December to buy a tour bus, tourists can in an average of 41.5 thousand rubles, while a year earlier the tour cost 44 thousand rubles.

Experts conducted a study tours for eight days, which includes a ticket on the Express train from Moscow to Brest and back, bus fares, transfers, accommodation in a double room three-star not lower, medical insurance, tours of individual cities and museums of Europe.

cheapest similar ticket can be purchased by residents of the Saratov (for 23.1 thousand rubles) and Astrakhan region (25,9). The most expensive tour is in Moscow and Kaluga region, planning your vacation in Europe will have to pay 60.4 and 54 thousand rubles, respectively.

Experts say that the average cost of a tour program to Germany have decreased by less than 1% and amounted to 62.4 thousand. Bus trip in France fell to 65.6 thousand roubles that, on average, less than 7%.

Earlier, the Russians called the travel amount. It turned out that more than a third of respondents would be enough to travel 100 thousand rubles, but 31% are ready to go on a journey of dreams just over a million.

there were also respondents who would spend a million on a trip around the world or went to the North pole on the icebreaker. Of the respondents reported that would like to spend the trip at least three months and visit as many countries as possible to choose the most suitable for further accommodation.

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