Troops Turkey had not informed Russia about the movements in Idlib – TSPVS

Photo: AP Photo/APTN

Troops Turkey had not informed Russia about the movements in Idlib, when came under fire from the government forces of Syria. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the message of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria (TSPVS).

“the Turkish forces in the night of 2nd / 3rd February without notifying the Russian side made movement inside Iglinskiy areas of de-escalation and came under fire from Syrian government forces on terrorists in the area West of the settlement Seracob”, – stated in the message.

As reported by RT, citing the defense Ministry of Turkey, the number of Turkish soldiers killed at attack in the Syrian Idlib increased to six.

it is Emphasized that retaliatory attacks by the Turkish armed forces objectives of the Syrian army continue “under legal protection”. Ankara claims that the Syrians were shelling, despite the notice about the positions of the military.

the Head of Department on public relations of presidential administration of Turkey, the Altun Fahrettin previously said that Ankara would require clarification from those responsible for the death of the military in Idlib.

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan said earlier that Russia is not fulfilling its obligations under the agreements on Syria. The Turkish leader noted that recently in Idlib frequent attacks by the regime supported by Russia.

Erdogan said that if the situation in Idlib is not normal, then Ankara will take all necessary steps, including the use of military force.

the head of the Russian centre for reconciliation in Syria Yuri Burenkov told me that during the shelling and militant attacks in Syria since the beginning of this year, killing 55 Syrian military. Injured 94 soldiers of Syria. Victims of the shelling was 71 civilian and 149 were injured. Burenkov added that from January 9, the army cap in Iglinskiy area 30 times subjected to military attacks.

the cease-fire took effect in the Syrian province of Idlib at midnight on January 12. At 13:00 on the usWMD time their work began three checkpoints for the civilians. Humanitarian corridors had been prepared in the district towns Gubat in the South of Idlib, Abu Duhur in the East and al-Khader to the South of the province of Aleppo.

Four zones of de-escalation in Syria was established in accordance with the may agreement 2017 at the talks in Astana the representatives of Russia, Iran and Turkey. In 2018, three areas came under the control of Damascus.

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