Fantasy cricket is not a new phenomenon for any Indian cricket fan. Even though you might not indulge yourself in playing these games you will have a slight idea of what fantasy cricket is. It is a virtual team of real players who are playing a real match of cricket. The user who makes the fantasy team then earns points based on the match result and earns real money. In a country where it is the most beloved fantasy sport, still there are fans who do follow cricket but refrain from actually playing fantasy cricket games.

Like any casual gamer, there are a few misconceptions that often cripple the opportunity that is handed out to these fans. With the rapid advancement in technology, easy internet access, and safe gaming platforms, the thrill of fantasy cricket has reached far and wide. If you look past the misinformation, fantasy cricket is more than just gaming. It has now emerged as the closest means for fans to interact with the sport and their favourite cricket players.

There are different fantasy sports such as fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy hockey, fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball, and much more.

If you are still not convinced in joining the game, you might wanna take a look at this list which states why you should try fantasy cricket.


1. Fantasy Cricket Has Brought the Fans Close to the Game

One thing is certain, with the rise of fantasy cricket the fans are now close to the sports more than ever before. Fans feel a sense of responsibility in picking their own team and take pride in laying out their ideas and opinion no matter how contrasting they might be. There are fan events and contests where fans are able to meet their idols and all of this is possible because of fantasy cricket. Ask any fantasy cricket fan out there, the fantasy cricket games have created a new space that has brought them closer to the game.

2. Understanding the Game Better

If you are looking at a major plus to playing a fantasy cricket game it has to be, a better understanding of cricket and its strategic plays. Back in the day, the fans had no idea how the work was done behind the scenes, but now with team selection at their fingertips, they do have a fair idea of the pressure and expectation that needs to be delivered. With these insights now made available to the fans they in return have developed better planning and strategies in building their winning team.


3. Rewards Are Tempting, to Say the Least

The core aspect and the major selling point of fantasy cricket games is the winnings and cash prizes. Players who score more points and are ranked higher in the charts take a big slice of the prize pool which is often in crores. In the peak T20 seasons, there are multiple contests and lucrative cash tournaments. This has further fueled the cause of the cricket fans who now have a potential reward for their hard work of building a solid fantasy cricket team. It’s so rewarding that many cricket enthusiasts have now turned into full-time fantasy gamers and made a living playing these games.

4. Competitive Nature at Its Best

India is a country where hot debates around cricket do rounds on daily basis, be it questioning the selectors, players’ poor performance, or defending their favourite individual we have seen it all. Back in the day, you could not know who has a strong case or opinion about team selection, but thanks to fantasy cricket you can now really judge who has the brains for the game. Here the players pour their mind and thought into making the team and often the contest are thrilling and competitive.


5. Connect With Your Friends

One of the best things about playing fantasy cricket online is that often you will find your friends playing in the same league and tournament. Here you actually get to put your cricket knowledge to test and once the results are out you know which of your friends you need to give an earful. Sure these platforms are competitive but there is nothing more enjoyable than beating your own friends. Not only that, you also make new friends along the way who share the same passion for the sport you so dearly love.

6. Creates A Happy Space

It is a known fact that many of us find solace and peace in supporting our favourite cricket team or any other sport team. It is a sort of happy space where we as fans like to express ourselves, so much so that depending upon the results of your team your mood keeps on changing. We all have been through rough patches while at the same time felt the ecstacy of winning the championship. It’s sort of a second home and this is where fantasy cricket has been bridging the gap.


7. It Is Easily Available

The main USP for fantasy cricket game is that they are easily available. All you need to do is download the application from the play stores or the official website and start your journey. Yeah, there are concerns whether the app is genuine with real players and real winnings. For this trust your fellow gamers and friends who are already playing these games, they sure will help you with finding the best fantasy gaming apps. With cutting edge technology and easy access to internet the fantasy gaming platforms are working towards a more better experience for the end user.


Fantasy cricket might not be for everyone, but being an ardent fan of the sport, and knowing all the tricks and trades it is only fair that you give it a shot, The above-mentioned pointers may serve as a further catalyst into getting your narrative straight and clear regarding the fantasy cricket games. Explore, evolve, and open up your mind for near-to-real cricketing experiences, join the fantasy leagues today.