Update from the 2. July: Despite his Snafu against Spain in the final of the European U21 Championships, Alexander Nübel has been named goalkeeper of the tournament. The UEFA chose a total of six German players in the team of the Tournaments.

in addition to Nübel also top scorer Luca Waldschmidt, captain Jonathan Tah, Lukas Klostermann, Benjamin Henrichs and Mahmoud Dahoud in the best Eleven of the championship made it. Four players of Spain and the Romanian George Puscas complete the team.

U21 CHAMPIONSHIP: Germany loses the final against Spain – a blunder from Alexander Nübel

Spain – Germany 2:1 (1:0)

Spain: 1 Sivera – 15 Martin, 2 Vallejo, 5 Nunez, 20 Junior 6 Fabian (from 78. 8 Merino), 21 Marc Roca, 19, Dani Olmo, 10 Dani Ceballos, 22 Pablo Fornals (72. 9 Mayoral) – 11 oyarzábal (aged 55 and over. 7 Soler)

Germany: 1 Nübel – 3 Klostermann, 5 Baumgartl, 4 Tah, 2 Henrichs – 8 Dahoud, 6 M. Eggestein (from 78. 9 Nmecha) , 16 Serdar (from 61. 19 Neuhaus) – 7 Öztunali (72. 11 judge), 10 Waldschmidt, 18 Amiri

goals: 1:0, Fabian (7.), 2:0 Olmo (69.), 2:1 Amiri (88.)

referee: Srdan Jovanovic (SRB)

23.13 watch: The full match report for under-21 Euro final Spain against Germany can be read here.

23.05 PM: “I’m proud of,” says Amiri, and applies to the entire Team. “We can all be proud of what we have done.”

23.04 PM: “It hurts,” says Amiri, who says, however, that it made the Spaniard “a bit better. In the Finale, you have two good periods of play.“ At his gate, he had “just the place and wanted to try it.”

U21 European championship: captain Tah is contrary to the ARD expert Broich

23.03 PM: A worthy conclusion to create Kuntz, but still. “We’ll meet afterwards with all the family members and the DFB-Bureau in the Hotel.” After great frustration-bash that doesn’t sound but because it “goes tomorrow at 8:00 o’clock back home.”

23.02 PM: “it’s part of the goalkeeper,” says Kuntz to the blunder of Nübel. “I only remember Olli Kahn. If he makes a career like Kahn, he will be able to get over it.“

23.01 PM: “After the 2:0 we get the full trailer, but we have everything attempt,” said Kuntz. “You have to congratulate Spain, they are deserved Champions of Europe. But I have to draw in front of the boys the hat, you can be proud of and I as a coach can be proud of.“

22.59 PM: “The way that we have not given up, speaks for us,” said Stefan Kuntz, the criticized, but also the first half. “We had no access, but we were able to Park in the half. Then we had the game in control.“

22.52 PM: “We are the Champions” sounds a voice from the speakers in Udine. In Parallel, Amiri helps on the ground, sitting Henrichs on the legs, and comforts him. Joy and sorrow a few meters.

22.49 PM: Now, the radiant winners will be honored, Spain gets his medals. The deutshe team is ten meters behind the award on the lawn, and disillusioned. You need to see Vallejo lifts the Cup high, you would have to make love again.

22.47 PM: Andrea Pirlo bringing the Cup in and then the German players have to go through the Spanish cordon. All clap, as it should be, but the disappointment is all the DFB juniors in his face.

22.43 PM: “in the first half, a shot on goal”, said the UEFA European under-21 captain. “Then we have the many possession of the ball and unsettle the Spaniards had. In the second half we were better.“

22.42 PM: “The disappointment is, of course, just very large,” says Jonathan Tah, who stood still with the team and coach Stefan Kuntz in the circle. Addressed to a lack of Courage in the beginning phase had a Tah attacked. “Who said that?” he wanted to know. When he got to hear that the criticism of ARD-expert Thomas Broich comes, he said, that “this is my opinion. It had nothing to do with the lack of Corage, everyone has given everything.“

22.38 PM: Spain will win below the line, earned a 2:1 one, but after a strong initial phase. Germany was always better in the game, had a goal several times on the feet, but Spain struck in this Phase, ice-cold, because Nübel bombed. Amiris hits nourished the hope, but that is not enough.

U21-EM: Amiris hit comes too late, Spain is the European champion

90+3. Minute: Merino shoots again, but think about it. Nübel makes the game fast, but that’s no matter, because the referee blows the whistle. Spain beats Germany and U21 European champion.

90+2. Minute: Ceballos falls again and the referee purely on it. For the umpteenth Time, the Spaniard gets a free kick and no one knows why.

90+1. Minute: Three minutes, there are on top.

90. Minute: Henrichs, get out of a corner, but the judge is in the header but the ball is only the second winner. Thereafter, a Henrichs-edge ends up in the goal.

88. Minute: a third for Germany! Amiri pulls easy and Vallejo makes the Ball with the head to the arc lamp and unsustainable. Only 2:1.

87. Min: The Spanish Fans celebrate, while the players take more time of the clock. Henrichs can Sollr only stop by Foul.

84. Minute: this MUST be The 2:1! Nmecha is completely free in five meters of space, gets the Ball between the feet. Clever, he lays on the forest Schmidt, the two meters, the Kunstsück creates, on the target to shoot. There was a lot of traffic in front of him, but he needs to bring at least on the gate. Nmecha would have even had a better Position, he would not have verstoppt the ball.

82. Minute: a judge comes to a conclusion, but was previously in an Offside position. Sivera would have this time had but anyway no problems.

81. Minute: Latte! Soler can take the Ball 15 feet in front of the gate seelenrtuhig and shoots on goal. The aluminum prevents the Knockout.

80. Minute: The game is still only Spain, Germany comes out little more in the back. The Kuntz-Eleven in the 2:0 for shocked.

77. Minute: Soler has big Chandce on the 3:0, but Tah fake to the corner. Then Fabian, the best man leaves in the space of the box and makes space for Merino. In the case of Germany Nmecha for Eggestein – Kuntz send another attacker to the field.

U21-EM: Nübel-goof Germany shock – Fabian missed 3:0

76. Minute: Spain defeats with a double pass of the German defense, but overlooks then Junior. If he lays the cross, is to be decided in the final, but he shoots himself and missed the 3:0.

74. Minute: Germany has been plugged in and continues to attack. Forest schmits firecracker is Sivera again bounce off, but no German is available. The Keeper is absolutely pickable.

72. Minute: Both teams to change. Judge Fornals replaced in Germany Öztunali, Mayoral Spain.

69. Minute: And out of nowhere hits Spain! Fabian shoots and Nübel is the harmless shot bounce off. Olmo sets and chippt the Ball over the German Keeper. 2:0.

67. Minute: Amiri falls Ceballos, but the Spanish counter attack is on a roll. Olmo has 1 at the end of the 1-against-against Baumgartl and shoots – Nübel the ball has to easily secure.

64. Minute: monastery man is right again, but Vallejo has the feet for almost any bills to it and clears it again.

63. Minute: Henrichs knocks out a Spaniard almost with his shot and after sets, so that Amirti comes to the Ball. Of the slots but it.

61. Minute: Serdar celebration evening and makes room for Neuhaus. Kuntz wants more steam for the Offensive.

60. Minute: Henrichs clears a pass from the left just before Soler. Very important, because otherwise the Joker would have had a free run.

59. Minute: Waldschmidt comes after a beautiful combination in the middle of the Ball and shoots. Directly on Sivera, has wobbled.

U21-EM: Waldschmidt, Dahoud of Germany has his chances

57. Minute: monastery man, is nicely played on the right, but in the middle, no one is. The passport of the Leipzigers in the back of the room fizzles.

56. Minute: first substitution in the case of Spain, oyarzábal goes out and is replaced by Soler.

55. Minute: Dahoud comes to missglücktem Klärumngsversuch from Vallejo to the Ball, hits a snag and is in the clear in the penalty area. Then he’s nearly there and this time the ball to shoot instead of – why, Mo, why?

53. Minute: woodland Schmidt has a little bit of space and distance. Right past.

51. Minute: Ceballos Amiri runs 30 meters from the Ball over the pile and caused the free-kick. The edge of Amiri is, however, weak and uncertain is dangerous.

50. Minute: Öztunali runs the counter and then finds Serdar, loses the ball almost, but then adds. In the middle, no white player is but more.

48. Minute: Dahoud Tah brings a bad in trouble, but the captain from the irons of the strong. Good luck for the DFB-Team that that happened.

47. Minute: Henrichs recovers the Ball, strong in one half and places it on Amiri in the penalty area. The hope Heimer and Sivera let him just bounce off. Vallejo can just clarify before the forest Schmidt.

46. Minute: and the Next one is! Germany is about to kick off and playing in white now from left to right. Both teams are unchanged.

U21 European championship: Spain leads the break against Germany

21.46 PM: “Stefan Kuntz was not at all loud,” says Co-Trainer Antonio di Salvo in the break. There are personnel changes? “Not first.”

21.41 clock: not had luck both teams, because the referee makes the best figure. Oyarzábal was fouled in the penalty area, which overlooked the Referee and VAR. In the case of forest Schmidt’s Foul both looked, but it remained at Yellow. That could’ve been a Red.

21.34 PM: Spain leads earned with 1:0. Germany was able to break free after a hapless 20 minutes better and also pressure. The compensation is not in the air, but the DFB juniors sniff it gently.

45+3. Minute: Referee Jovanovic finished the first half.

45+1. Minute: Two minutes on top of that because of the break in treatment for waldschmidt above.

45. Minute: Fornals comes to the left of the Ball and brings it flat and sharp in front of the German goal. Slow the rolls down through the penalty area, but finds no takers. That was dangerous.

43. Minute: The next two corners, to land at the Tah is disabled on the five-metre room. Fourth corner in the series, but then Germany must build new.

42. Minute: The lands at Öztunali, the peeling, and the Ball by Bouncing harmful brings. Vallejo is in between, and almost caused an own goal.

41. Minute: Next great combination of Klostermann and Öztunali, whose edge is blocked in the last second. Corner for the DFB-Team.

U21-EM: brutal-Kick against forest Schmidt – just Yellow

39. Minute: Ceballos the Ball lost in the own penalty area with two magic tricks, but gets the Foul. You do not need to abpfeifen necessarily – good luck for Spain.

37. Minute: Amiri served Henrichs, looking for the hope Heimer. Junior is in-between and clears the Ball out of the Spanish penalty area.

35. Minute: The VAR is checked whether or not Yellow enough and comes to the conclusion that this is the case. Well, that’s different. Fortunately, forest Schmidt can make after treatment.

34. Minute: kicking of Vallejo, the creases of the forest, Schmidt a high Ball male. As the captain of the Iberians is served with Yellow very well.

32. Min: Dangerous free-kick position for Spain. Right on Fabian enters, but where he wanted to step to the Ball, he does not know well himself. Repellent for Alexander Nübel.

30. Minute: Öztunali makes steam shake off Junior loose. Vallejo runs to the Germans but in the end.

29. Minute: for the First time, it will be rougher, Dahoud kill Olmo, but the whistle stays off again. The Referee let a lot of run – of clear Fouls.

27. Minute: Spain is trying to regain control, but also in the game one way or the other lack of concentration creeps in. The need to use the Kuntz-force better!

U21 CHAMPIONSHIP: Germany is stronger and has a penalty-happiness

24. Minute: Chaos in the Spanish penalty area, but the Iberians will be able to clarify. Shortly thereafter, the Ball comes back and Öztunali enters directly. No risk, Sivera has the Ball safely.

23. Minute: Courageous Tackling of Henrichs against Olmo in the penalty area. Instead of taking the fifth penalty against Germany, but there is no whistle, because the sovereign of Monaco plays to clear the Ball.

22. Minute: giants-fuddle for Germany! Oyarzábal is fouled in the penalty area clear, but the Referee does not blow his whistle. Because the VAR is no Signal, there is no free kick or penalty kick.

21. Min: Great diagonal ball from Klostermann on Dahoud in the Spanish penalty area. For Dortmund but was just Offside.

20. Minute: for the First time, the DFB juniors some air give and in the Spanish half bit have. Countable’t came out yet, but the trend is positive.

18. Minute: Great short passing game of the Germans, at the end of Amiri on the left of the penalty area the Ball. To use instead of Klsotermann in the back room, closes it self, and will be blocked.

17. Minute: Öztunali is on the right, sent, claimed the Ball well and Amiri. His Pass into the penalty area woodland Schmidt but.

15. Minute: Fabian seeks oyarzábal by lane pass, but Nübel is in front of him on the Ball and prevented the worst.

U21 European championship: Spain-Germany – Kuntz-Eleven without a Chance

14 shocks. Minute: Spain has 80 percent possession of the ball felt and leaving the Germans no Chance to come to the Ball. The Kuntz-Elf is totally the chance to the U21 from the tournament is not familiar with at all.

12. Minute: Olmo puts two German players, is already in the penalty area and wants to flanks. Baumgartl throw in the flat of the Ball and clears for a corner, which comes to nothing.

9. Minute: Germany is for the first time in forward gear and gets out by Henrichs supposedly a corner. Referee Jovanovic, but kick – a controversial decision.

7. Minute: Spain is in the lead! Fabian gets a Pass in the midfield far too much space and runs unchallenged towards the German goal. Because Tah hesitates too long, he can deduct from 25 yards and slots the Ball fell into the left corner of the net.

6. Minute: Billiards-Chance for Spain because of the Baumgartl Eggestein shoot in the penalty area. Oyarzábal is blocked then of Baumgartl.

5. Minute: for the First time, the Spaniards combined in the Person of Olmo in the penalty area, but Tah is forcing him to be a heavy Pass on Fornals, the monastery, the man greatly afflicted. Spain needs to back off and to back play.

4. Minute: As Germany for the first time, the Ball has not, presses the Iberians, but are relatively high. Only when the sixers are playing, it go to the Spaniards.

2. Minute: Spain is trying to directly run the Ball, but Germany pressed the ball leading immediately aggressive.

1. Minute: The Ball is rolling! Spain in red puffs, Germany plays in white from right to left.

U21-EM: starting lineup-newcomer Serdar to battle hardness to bring

20.44 clock: The first victory of Jonathan Tah get at the choice. He remains, Spain is about to kick off.

20.41 clock: The teams are out on the field and the German national anthem is played. Then the Spanish, which has no text follows.

20.39 PM: Especially the Germans need to take care of Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid. The playmaker was selected in 2017 for the player of the tournament and is once again in the process.

20.35 PM: Luca Waldschmidt currently stands at seven matches. Eight and he has surpassed the record of Marcus Berg from the year 2009, he has set.

20.31 clock: In the same vein as Kuntz also ARD expert Thomas Broich fails. He praises the hardness of the “battle” of Serdar, and also emphasizes Neuhaus offensive quality. “Since we can’t verlieren,“ says Broich.

U21-EM: Kuntz changed Germany and has a Plan

20.24 PM: “It certainly has to do with the way how we like to play. We want to have a certain amount of aggressiveness towards Spain,“ says Stefan Kuntz to exchange Neuhaus-Serdar. Sounds like an ingenious Plan.

+ Jogi Löw and Stefan Kuntz, before the final of the U21 European championship in Udine.© dpa / Cezaro De Luca

20.18 watch: Star cast of the ARD: in addition to Stefan Kuntz and Matthias Opdenhövel has also given Joacchim Löw, the honor, and traveled to Udine. He is looking forward to the Finale and praises the DFB juniors to ensure that they are “thrilled”.

19.59 watch: Jerome Boateng, Jürgen Klopp, Lukas Podolski – the list of football celebrities, which is the title glauebn, long. Now the world Cup Hero Mario Gotze has wished the German Junior all the best. “A lot of success in the today’s final. You guys think a strong team and I win the tournament“, tweeting BVB-Kicker.

19.46 p.m.: In the case of Spain, there is in comparison to the 4:1 victory in the semi-finals, not a single Change. Coach Luis de la Fuente wants. with the same eleven starting players for the European championship title win, with whom he has been in the same fed

19.37 PM: The German lineup is here! Stefan Kuntz brings back Henrichs, provides Amiri again, and surprised in the Central midfield plays instead of Neuhaus often substitute Serdar.

19.26 PM: In the presence of our team winning the title will not fail – our boys arrived in Udine.

U21-EM: ARD-expert Broich predicted Changes in Germany

19.01 PM: Before we look at the Finale, we look back once again. Game 1:2, big chance for Romania, and then Alexander Nübel grabs this Parade. In one word: world class!

18.33 watch: An EM-victory of the U21 selection would be according to the former national team player Lukas Podolski “super” for the German football-talents. “Because in the last few years has been carved repeatedly on it. Therefore, it would be a good sign for outside that says there’s a couple of guys to come,“ said the world champion of 2014 on Sunday in Cologne. It is going to show other football Nations such as France and Spain, “we are back”.

A failure in the European championship final against Spain on Sunday evening (20.45 clock) in Udine, however, would not make a big difference. “It is always so in life. A second place that brings you nothing in the end,“ said the 34-year-old Podolski, who was a guest at the Premiere of a documentary about the national player Toni Kroos in Cologne, Germany.

18.17 PM: “Never change a winning team,” says an old wisdom. ARD-Experte Thomas Broich believes, however, that under-21s could change coach Stefan Kuntz even up to twice. During Henrichs will move to the lock is probably quite safely for small and Medium-sized in the starting line-up, the occupation of the left is still quite open.

Amiri or the judge? Broich has a hot tip. “If Stefan Kuntz trusts him (Amiri) twice in 90 minutes within three days after this serious injury?” asks the Ex-U21 national players. He believes, therefore, that the judge could put the in the semi-final superior Amiri again.

+++ Hello and welcome to the finals of the U21 European championship. Germany wants to defend against Spain the title. Kick-off in Udine is a preliminary report on Sunday at 20.45 +++

: Spain vs Germany is probably the favorite

Udine – It will be serious for the DFB juniors. The Team of Stefan Kuntz is fighting against Spain to the crown of the European Junior football. The favorites roles in the process, the Iberians, even if it could prevail in the final two years ago, Germany – Mitchell Weiser headed the DFB-Eleven for the second European title after 2009. A look at the current market values of the two final participants revealed a total of large differences.

U21 Euro final in the Live Ticker: Spain market value exceeds the DFB-team

While the German team comes according to the transfermarkt.de on a total market value of 314 million euros, Spain have about € 100 million more – namely, to 437 million euros. These Figures also Stefan Kuntz knows: “If one takes only the values of the market, Spain is in front of us. I see you have a bit more in the role of a favorite.“

most Important players in Spain Fabian Ruiz (Napoli), Mikel oyarzábal (Real Sociedad), Dani Ceballos (Real Madrid) and Carlos Soler (Valencia) are. Overall, the southern Europeans come in addition to the individual class, especially about the joy of playing as a collective. The bullet can be taken apart with the short passing game à la Pep Guardiola, literally to see, among other things, the furious 4:1 semi-final success against France.

U21 Euro final in the Live Ticker: Unbeatable Germany wants to kick the title

But also the German team. According to the famous Victories against Denmark (3:1) and Serbia (6:1) has the game, the Team through the 1:1 against Austria in the final group allErding is a small damper to get. Nevertheless, the conclusion of it was enough, finally, for the semi-finals, where it came in a pack, the game against Romania will not finish until shortly before the end of the decision. Against Spain, this was a positive feeling to be crowned now. For the DFB-Elf speaks, that it is the only team in the tournament, which has not yet lost, Spain had to give in Italy with 1:3 beaten. On Sunday to follow from a German point of view, the next defeat for Spain.

In their spare time the players set by the way, neither FIFA, nor Fortnite, but favour instead the analog pastime. Motivation received the Team before the final, now of Jürgen Klopp – sent an emotional video message.


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