Update from the 2. July 2019, 9.06 PM: power or no power? In Parts of the Northern Munich it was not him on Tuesday morning, apparently still. Fridge, Toaster and coffee maker have been on strike, told Radio Arabella via Twitter. According to the city works of all households, however, be back on the grid. And since Monday night (23.45 h). In order to re-establish the supply, are earthworks have been necessary.

Black-Out in Munich, Germany: thousands of people without electricity – the cause is still unclear

Update from the 2. July 2019, 6.54 PM: 2.900 households in Munich on Monday evening without electricity, such as the Bavarian radio via Twitter reported. In the North of Munich, a “technical Defect” for a Blackout provided, such as the Munich city utilities announced on Monday evening via Twitter. Ironically, at 19 o’clock, the power supply was interrupted in many for more than two hours. For some it took a little longer, since, according to the Stadtwerke München (SWM) earthworks were necessary. What that means exactly, is still unclear. So far, an exact error message, as well as a suppression message of the Stadtwerke is missing.

On the fault website stromausfall.de different times are to be found. In one case, the current took a loss of 19.38, up to 22.38 PM.

Mega-power outage in Munich: thousands of people

Our News from 1. July 2019:

Munich – thousands of people in the Bavarian capital, had on Monday evening (1. July 2019) temporarily without power to come clear. How stromausfall.de via Twitter announced that there are currently a large power outage in Munich. Are Milbertshofen affected several parts of the city in and around Munich, Trudering-Riem, hair, as well as the North of Munich, Freimann and Lerchenau.

power outage in Munich: Still no communication from the public utility Affected to respond with a sense of Humor

Of the city of Munich to the power failure is still not an official communication. A concerned friend asks, therefore, via Twitter: “SWM in Munich, has to do with the current power outage in the North of Munich with the Storm?” Another Munich is already a step further and has already called for the interference position of the SWM.

His Munich fellow-men, he can thus explain: “large-scale power outage in Munich – According to the disturbance of the SWM in Munich point, it was the Thunderstorm, and it takes about 2 hours,” tweeted the man. And adds jokingly: “I’m going to light the Grill, because I had to) a chicken in the oven …”

power outage in Munich: Stadtwerke answers and working on solution

the Stadtwerke München responded, also via Twitter: “Due to a technical defect in Parts (!) of Milbertshofen, the power supply failed. SWM security service is already in place, the power to recover as quickly as possible.“

Now, Munich’s public utility company reported over Twitter with new Details about the power outage in Munich. Apparently, the technical Defect could be remedied to a large extent. “A large part” of Munich was back on the grid, “the Rest will take some time”, need a lot of Munich, however, a lot of patience.

a power outage in Munich: “it Can take some time”

in Addition, the municipal utility of Munich stated that the technical Defect was not caused by the violent storms in Germany. On Twitter, the SWM announced also exact Numbers. Consequently, 2.900 Munich were affected by the power outage. Now there were only 800. It will continue to fix and worked on the power failure in Parts of Munich. This, however, could “take a bit longer, because earthworks are necessary”.


A old sign in the metro station Sendlinger Tor showed up in the course of the construction work. It brings extraordinary results.


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