FOCUS Online: Mr Beuze, Canada is better than Europe on the issue of immigration, or just harder?

Jean-Nicolas Beuze: First of all, Canada needs immigrants for its own economic Survival. Like most industrialized countries, Canada is struggling with a declining birth rate. The approach here is quite different than in Europe: immigration Minister resigns in every year before the Parliament and determines the number of immigrants. In this year, she is 310.000. Many large and medium-sized companies here say, you would have to be 500,000, if Canada wants to produce a genuine economic Boom. These are very high Figures for a country with 37 million inhabitants. FOL

FOCUS Online: But of these, 310,000 are just 30,000 refugees, the Rest of the quota is high for qualified young workers and family members of people already living in Canada. So this is the lesson for Europe?

Beuze: This is very difficult to compare. We are with the canadian Position is very satisfied and believe that Canada can be at the international level, a shining example of this. We are trying to persuade the government that they can do more. There is nothing stopping Canada. Because the Canadians don’t face the same challenges as the Europeans. I had already have delegations from different European countries, the bureaucratic part of the system. Some people forget that Canada is already alone because of its geographical location in an exceptional Position.

"an immigration program that helps first, no refugee"

FOCUS Online: However: In Germany, after many vain attempts, for the first Time an immigration bill, what is in Canada already since 1967, the case – what can Germany learn?

Beuze: The System here may inspire European countries, if you opt for targeted immigration programs. That helps, but once any refugee. We at the United Nations are looking for a way to make use of the for economic migrants is to open the way for refugees. And here it gets complicated. Because this quota is based on very strict criteria. 14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

FOCUS Online launches a new and constructive Reportage series. The target: perspectives for Germany’s social and societal future. What other countries do better and what you can learn Germany from international models? To find answers, travel 14 FOCUS-Online-a Reporter in 14 different countries.

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FOCUS Online: Canada makes it impossible to bypass the System?

Beuze: In Europe, there are a lot of people with irregular Status who live under the Radar there. Here this is not possible, because in Canada it is extremely difficult to survive without official Status. In the US, for example, was quite different: Even if one is not recognized, you can open a Bank account, take out a loan, his children send to school or health care. In Canada you can get without valid papers, not even a SIM card for the phone. UNHCR Beuze in January 2017, the UNHCR representative in Canada

FOCUS Online: Despite a high immigrant rate, many rave about the Cohesion in this multi-cultural society, in addition, Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. In Europe, many believe that this is a contradiction. How’s Canada?

Beuze: The canadian model of integration differs greatly from those in Europe: It is first and foremost a canadian, the second one identifies with his ethnic origin. All of these different municipalities are organized among themselves, but the Kana is to Be disch-about everything. Because this is a Land of opportunities and everyone comes from somewhere else. If you come, you get a unlimited residence permit and must then take a Test. Refugees, the best success rate had the least. This shows how much they want canadian citizenship. Of which European countries can learn something.

FOCUS Online: Would have to open up Europe even more?

Beuze: Yes, but in a targeted manner. Canada has a multi-religious society. We do not have here the view that all immigrants come from Muslim countries. Apart from the large number of refugees from Syria that arrived in 2017 to the country, it was always a mix: African, Latin American, Asian. So the feeling will be dispersed, we would be overwhelmed by a certain type of refugees. The smothers many of the conflicts in the Bud.

"Europe needs to reform the asylum system is in urgent need of"

FOCUS Online: What does this mean politically?

Beuze: The asylum system in the European countries because of the asylum seekers, who have come in the past few years, search will be urgently reformed. With the current System, the people, the crossing in boats of the Mediterranean sea, the sole Problem of Italy, Spain, Greece and maybe France, while three-quarters of the EU are protected. Europe has the choice here. UNHCR Beuze has been working for 20 years for various UN organisations

FOCUS Online: in Spite of all its positive aspects, Canada is experiencing for the first Time difficulties: In the past year, 20,000 people came here against the rules across the border from the United States, in the current year to June of 11,000. You don’t knew here so far, the opposition Conservatives talk about a "crisis". You are afraid, the mood could change?

Beuze: This is a question that is just become in the past six months, controversial due to the irregular border crossings in Quebec. Canada is based completely on immigration and is a truly multi-cultural society, much more than any European country. When immigrants come, you can find it in nine out of ten cases, the connection with their own community, the two or three generations previously, came into the country. It makes a big difference in how people see new arrivals. But we also know that immigrants of the first and second Generation tend to adopt conservative views in terms of immigration, because they are afraid of the next Generation of immigrants could take away what you have worked hard for. There is a risk to alienate these people and put them in the right corner.

FOCUS Online: What has changed?

Beuze: I was recently at the border in Quebec, and I asked the irregular immigrants there, how in the world did you manage it in a plane to JFK airport to New York and then overland to Canada. They answered only: 'just Google it!' you have not used a facilitator. The communication was so fast and immediate, that there is a safe way to Canada without a visa. At some point there will be a Spillover effect, if the conflicts in Africa and Asia, completely out of control. We hear that more and more people from West Africa to Central America, because Europe has closed the doors. So take a boat and try to come to Haiti. And then you will come to the USA and Canada. This is the insight of the 21st century. Century: people can move much easier, regular and irregular way. All of the stories from the series of “14 countries, 14 Reporter”


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