we must First choose in the long Tradition of the series at the beginning, whether we want to play a Greek or a Greek. With Alexios, or Kassandra’s go then, directly, with good Gameplay proven, on the Greek island.

What’s the point?

In the Greek Empire rages a fierce war: Spartans and Athenians towards inform each other, in order to make individual tracts of land under their own rule. In Parallel, bloom crimes and bounty hunting – everyone is fair game, as long as only enough drachmas are on the line. In this world, we start with our character. As Alexios and Cassandra are brother and sister, is their origin. Besides, they are so story-technically is easily replaceable, so that the choice of gender has no serious effect on the plot. Ubisoft

On the small island of Kephallenia start our journey. There, we’ll deal with comparatively trivial things, take care of our first tasks, and learn to control and combat system. “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” is a mixture of Action, adventure and role-playing game that offers an open world to Explore. We experience a great story, whose Central Element is the family of our protagonists and their place in the political situation of the time. By the way, we take care of tasks for countless supplicants, earn a small fortune, arm us with better weapons and armor, learn cool moves for melee and ranged, and experience great defence or attack battles from a very personal perspective.

For whom is the Game?

As the Genre of the “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” is not Readily fixed, there is potentially a large number of players. Anyone who likes Third-Person Action on a large land mass, is likely to definitely feel addressed. Ancient Greece is full with small and big secrets to be revealed. At the same time the game suffers but also the classical problems of Open World. So it is necessary permanently, even if the developers distribute always fast travel points (including a long load time) on the map. In addition, we can get caught up in the Abundance of side quests and lose the red thread. Ubisoft
High makes the main story much more than the often-arg repetitive in addition to activities. In addition, arg brash explorers will be punished, because they infiltrate on your Trip an enemy warehouse complex and a few minutes later, suddenly a Quest for it and again the Same need to get done. So it pays to collect at the beginning of the area all the Quests and to go then on a tour of discovery.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey“ has a rudimentary role-playing system, as you know it from most of the Action blockbusters. Apparently, no title will pass in the meantime. As we ascend through successful completion of tasks and the assassination of enemies in the Level, we collect skill points, with which we purchase passive and active abilities. We choose from three skill trees – warrior, hunter, and assassin – and forms our character accordingly, according to the preferred game. Found weapons and armor, we must improve the local blacksmith, also, or engraving.

How good it is?

The new formula of Assassin’s Creed, developer Ubisoft since the Origins offshoot has introduced, ignites again this time. Odyssey acts as a “Jack of all trades” in the Action-adventure, because it gets pretty much everything the Genre offers at the moment. Prominent, dynamic and flexible battle system, which causes quite a lot of fun. In doing so, we can attack offensively, defensively, or from the shadows and have the choice between ranged by the bow and arrow, or melee with a variety of different types of weapons that play very differently.

Also succeeded from a technical point of view, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey “is”. We have played the game on Xbox One, X, of the currently most powerful console, and were it in 4K resolution with HDR-image improvements. Graphically, Ubisoft sets the ancient Greece great in the scene; also, the characters look good overall, even if they appear in close-UPS is often a bit wooden. The German and the English speakers make a neat Job. Only the forced acting of the Greek accent in the English speech takes sometimes silly trains. Ubisoft

Details: “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” appears on the 5. October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. On the PS4 and Xbox One X special graphics offered improvements. The price of the title between 50 euros (PC) and Euro 60 (consoles). In return, you get an Open-World Action Adventure game with up to 100 hours of playing time. The main developer is Ubisoft Quebec; the global distribution runs as well on Ubisoft. Rating: 4 out of 5 Ouzos

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit behind The game, after all are addicted


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