The U.S. economy has decoupled to the beginning of the year from the weakening of the world economy and more robust.

In the months of January to March, the largest economy in the world grew up to the year high of 3.2 percent calculated as the Commerce Department reported in Washington. It is the first estimate of the government for economic growth in the first quarter.

in order for the American economy at the beginning of the year has recorded a strong recovery journey. In the final quarter of 2018, the US economy had grown by only 2.2 percent, after having risen in previous quarters, significantly more.

In the winter months, had fomented, among other things, a temporary closure of Federal agencies and the concerns of an economic slowdown. Against the Background of the economic worries the US Federal reserve had pushed a further interest rate increase in the United States.

In the United States reported growth numbers, unlike in European countries, and extrapolated for the full year. You specify how strong the economy would grow if the growth has to stop the pace for a year. Growth figures from the United States and Europe and are not therefore directly comparable with each other.



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