The police in Hamburg is currently struggling with a rather curious phenomenon: the Same two cars, the officers moved in the past few days. This time, however, it was not reckless Driving or illegal car races in many cities in Germany is currently an issue. The defect here was different: The cars were covered with gold foil and reflected so strongly, that it is from the point of view of the guards, a danger for other traffic participants.

Gold seems to be currently difficult in in January a visit to the Restaurant, the footballer Franck Ribéry heated tempers, in which the FC-Bayern-Star eating, a gold-coated Steak for 1200 Euro. The Material and colour are considered absolute status symbol.

car in Gold – which is also the Saudi Prince

like to keep In the car, the Hamburg police on their toes, however, it is not real Gold, and the mesh, to stick to cars with gold-coloured foil, is also not entirely new. So a Saudi Arabian Prince in its body posed in London like to shot with special paint, in Dubai such cars are already in front of Hotels around what can be on Youtube admired, and also in Berlin-excited gold colored swank-carts already caused a stir. That in Hamburg, but two incidents with such a Bling-Bling cars within a short period of time to occur, is unusual.

Two million Swarovski stones Ladish “Rich Kid”-action: Russian turns Lamborghini into Bling-Bling-Batmobile

Specifically, it deals with two cars – a Lamborghini Aventador’s Roadster (740 HP) and a Porsche Panamera Turbo (540 HP). The Porsche, the officials pulled in front of a little more than a week. The 31-year-old driver to have no driver’s license, writes the local newspaper “Morgenpost”, the gold colored film was rated by the officers as a traffic hazard. Last Saturday, the driver of the Lamborghini (original price: 373.000 euros), then had his big appearance. On the Jungfernstieg – a popular meeting place for car poser – he went to the police and into the net. This was that the film reflected strongly – what other traffic participants are hazardous because of the glare. The car was ensured, so that it could view a expert. The press according to reports, the driver had his car in March pasting. Cost: about 4000 to 5000 Euro.

Lamborghini is to be re-covered

Now, however, the film had to back down in the driver got the appropriate support from the police and pulled the glittering film actually, as the “Morgenpost” reported. He’s not admitting defeat: He wanted to let the car re-wrapped in plastic, white the local dial – in a tone that is not blinding.

embarrassing incident, the Lamborghini driver to pose on his car but then he makes completely ridiculous

The Porsche driver was reported to be less clear – he was simply driven to continue, though he had to get back to the car, under the support of the police to remove the gold foil. After the car put out an APB, and finally, a few days later, it was ensured, conceding to the officials, the registration certificate, and mounted the license plate. The driver must have his car now in a repair shop towing. And as it is, then: Down with the foil.

sources: “Mopo”, “TZ”


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