Finding love in these modern times is not an easy tasks. Tastes are becoming broader and although it seems like it’s so much simpler to connect with people nowadays due to the internet, many would agree that something back in the day made this better and “truer”.

One of the main results of this is the sudden rise in popularity of love toys, mini sex dolls and other similar satisfaction-enhancing things that money can get you. Some people don’t really like making love to a partner that’s not emotionally attached to them, and unfortunately that’s the case with many relationships in these modern times.

Mini sex dolls are a great way to keep yourself busy until you find the true one for you. And, the best thing about this is that in 2023 mini sex dolls are no longer considered a taboo. Why? Let’s take a look.


1. Stress relief at any time

Let’s face it, the more people purchase a product the less taboo or strange its usage becomes. When it comes to mini sex dolls, one of the main reasons why people purchase these things is because of the stress relief factor. You can relax with a mini sex doll at any time instead of having to put any additional effort in finding a partner, then waiting until the right moment comes and all that. Nobody has time for that nowadays, everyone is way too busy working or doing something else, which is why these things are popular.

Whenever you have a stressful day, one of the best ways to relax is by being passionate with your partner. However, not everyone has a real partner to do this with, and in fact, some people prefer their partner to be a synthetic doll, no matter how strange that sounds when you first hear it.

2. Best practice for “the real thing” later on

There’s no better way to practice for the real thing than by using a mini sex doll. If you want to impress your current, or future partners, this is what you should do as practice. Not everyone had the chance to be passionate with a partner in their past, but that shouldn’t prevent them from satisfying their next true love in case they ever find it. At you can take a look at a few different models and see how they look. Maybe you’ll find something that matches your taste.

This is a great method for those who have low self-confidence as well. Low confidence can easily ruin a relationship or make things in bed worse than they need to be. As we said above, those struggling with such an issue should be really thankful for these realistic practicing toys.

Source: Silicon Wives

3. 2023 is the year of open-mindedness

In 2023 people became quite open minded for a lot of different things, one of them being mini sex dolls. These things are now widely accepted in our society, including restaurants, theaters and other similar places. But, we’ll get to this in just a second.

With each next year we feel like this will be even more accepted, just like other things that we once considered taboo, such as LGBT rights and same-gender marriages.

4. Public places allow dates with a mini sex doll

As we said above, you can now see people going to dinner or at the movies with their synthetic doll, and it’s just a matter of time before this becomes something common. It’s not as taboo as it was in the past that’s for sure, but there are still some places where this needs to be normalized. In modern restaurants ran by open-minded managers you can always book a dinner for two both for you and your synthetic doll. If that’s the lifestyle you want to live, nobody can tell you otherwise.

Source: american sex dolls co.

5. They are mass produced nowadays

Once again, the more these dolls are produced in quantity, the less taboo they become. And, in 2023 we can see many new brands coming out on the market with their synthetic doll products. The more people buy them the faster they’ll become normalized and accepted in our society. This will of course depend on the country where you live since countries where the populations seems to be more modern and open minded seem to accept such things faster.

More “traditional” countries with population consisting of more conservative people seem to think of this idea as something strange and unacceptable, but the entire world is slowly transitioning towards being less judgmental for such things.

6. There are people who broke the ice by marrying a doll

Almost everything that was once considered taboo or strange was revolutionized by someone who broke the ice and proved others wrong. When it comes to these life-like dolls, we cannot go on without mentioning the person who revolutionized marriage with synthetic dolls. This person is a famous Kazakhstani Bodybuilder who married a sex doll back in 2019. His name is Yuri Tolochko.

Shortly after this, every other person who ever considered doing such a thing but was uncertain gathered up courage and so the revolution with sex dolls marriage was brought to life. Since you can find tons of different modes of these dolls on the market nowadays, it’s not easy to find that perfection you’ve been looking for a long time in terms of looks.

Source: Rolling Stone


Mini sex dolls are becoming really popular and this is because a lot of reasons. We’ve covered all the reasons in today’s article so feel free to read more into it if you’re looking to make such a purchase in the near future.

If you ever considered purchasing a mini sex doll for yourself, now’s the right time to do so. They are better looking and more affordable than ever. You can also find them easily on the internet or in your local stores, depending on where you live. Remember to stay safe and keep doing what makes you feel better about yourself, no matter how taboo others find it at the moment.