A General speed limit for motorways? As soon as the someone calls for in this country, follow the most violent defence reactions. To many in Germany, just leave. That a working group is thinking about a General maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour only, enough already. No wonder that emotions are running high, after those government Commission is working on proposals for more climate protection, has brought the idea back to the game.

The debate also comes at the very time to fight in the German motorists are already having problems – keyword: diesel driving bans. Transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), called mind games, a speed limit “in mind, against every man”.

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But on the 57. German traffic law in Goslar, will be debated this week: What, so what’s the argument for speed limits, and against? And what do the experts say?

Pro: Less deaths on the road, better air? Arguments in favour of a General speed limit

This is for pace of 30 in the city: The trade Union of police (GdP) calls for a Tempo 30 as a control speed in the towns, because the number of traffic fatalities has been falling for years. “If we don’t want to accept the fact that each year, approximately 3200 people get killed in road accidents, we need to come up with something,” says the Vice-GdP-Federal Chairman Michael Mertens. “The limitation of the speed plays an important role.” Because: “The faster vehicles are in a collision, the greater the forces acting on the occupants,” says Mertens. Many urban streets are for speed 50 lens unsuitable. Therefore, the pace 30 is to be mounted, as a rule, there. Only for developed main roads should be considered from the point of view of the GdP-Vice more Tempo 50.

The General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) supports the idea. “We are committed to ensuring that the Tempo 30 is used to control speed in the cities,” says spokeswoman Stephanie crown. “Where higher speeds are allowed to be, it must be justified. So far, it’s the other way around.”


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