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A woman Parking in the upper Bavarian eichstaett employees on Wednesday, the administrative court of Munich. Dominik B. felt during a visit to the Altmühltal from the explicitly for women designated Parking spaces being discriminated against. He saw in the preference for female drivers, the General equal treatment act (AGG) were injured. He is also of the opinion that the illuminated mostly good and centrally located Parking suggest that women could not run so far, and protection to be in need of. Therefore, so the argument of the plaintiff, discriminating against women.

in Front of the Munich administrative court, the plaintiff agreed, and the city of Eichstätt at the first court date. Accordingly, the Parking spaces may remain, but must be re-signposted. Until the end of February in Eichstätt the signs with the inscription “Only for women” against any such exchange, the Express is only a request or recommendation for Parking exclusively by women. On the question of whether men are generally discriminated against by a woman Parking, not a judge.

town of Eichstätt is responding to the rape of

In the city, was whether the lawsuit stunned. “It is now proved once again that women are crimes more likely to be victims of Violence than men,” said Hans Bittl, Director of the breeder’s rights office in Eichstätt. The women Parking spaces have been set up, after in close proximity to a large urban car Park a woman had been raped. It is the go alone to security reasons, added Bittl before the court date. The posted signs are “pure signs”.

1. May men Park their cars on wife parkpätzen?

Yes, you may. However, only public Parking. The reason is that There are in the road traffic regulations (StVO) is not a valid traffic sign, which assigns women certain areas of a Parking space. Consequently, the fitter of the signs appeal more to the morale of the men to leave the well-lit spots for women.

the situation is Different with private managed Park areas, for example in Parking garages or in front of supermarkets. Here are the house rules of the owner. This can give men, the women provided some Parking spaces available, at least ban.

2. Are men discriminated against by a woman Parking?

Rather no. However, there is as yet no Supreme court decision. Reviews of legal experts saw in the past no violation of men’s rights. Also, the administrative court of Munich was in the recent dispute about the signs of Eichstätt, not on the question of discrimination.

at Least two Times German courts dealt in the past few years for women and reserved Park land and land-use rights. The Landshut regional court in 2013 sentenced a man to a suspended sentence and 5000 Euro fine. He had beaten up an elderly man because he had parked his car on a woman in the Parking lot. In Rhineland-Palatinate, the action of a custodian was dismissed, had complained about the establishment of women’s Parking spaces on the premises of his employer. He, too, felt discriminated against. Women are more often victims of Assault, therefore, “men discrimination” in this case is illegal, stated at the time of the judges. (Az. 1 Ca 184/11)

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