Vasil Ornament: what did the NKVD with the failed king of Ukraine

History 09/03/20 Vasil Ornament: what did the NKVD with the failed king of Ukraine

Spectrum of political forces in the Square, quite unlike the Russian. An example is the monarchist movement: Ukrainian supporters of hereditary power see as contenders for the crown is not the Romanov dynasty.

the Monarchy of Western Russia

After the collapse of the Kievan state in the XII century the South-Western part of the country began to control feudal princes. The largest kingdoms of that time was Kiev, Galicia-Volhynia, Chernigov and Pereyaslavl. In 1254 Galich and Volyn Prince Daniel Romanovich was awarded the title of “king of Russia”, which later was called as his sons Andrew and Leo. Later the title passed to the Polish kings, who in 1340-1392 years, won in the war of Galicia-Volyn inheritance. At about the same time, about 1363, Grand Duchy of Lithuania gained control over the rest of the South-Russian principalities. In the Commonwealth de facto independent “monarchs” were the magnates, the descendants of the ancient princes. The largest possessions in the Ukraine belonged to the names Vyshnevetsky and Ostrog.

However, the true beginning of the Ukrainian monarchist tradition is considered to be the Hetman of the Zaporozhian Sich. Hetman, for example, Polish kings were elected by the Cossacks, but since the time of Bohdan Khmelnytsky there was a trend of transfer of power by inheritance. Khmelnytsky insisted that the next Hetman chose his son Yuri. And to have passed from Peter I to the side of Charles XII, Mazepa, bought himself the title of Prince of the Holy Roman Empire and was planning to intermarry with any of the European monarchs.

In 1918, the title of Hetman of all Ukraine took Pavlo Skoropadsky, descendant of the Zaporozhian Hetman Ivan Skoropadsky, who ruled in 1708-1722 years. A potential heir to the dynasty of the Hetman, Danylo Skoropadsky, was in 1957 likveurovan in London by the Soviet KGB.

In the 1930-ies Ukrainian nationalists also considered as a potential ruler Wilhelm Franz of Habsburg, known under the pseudonym of Vasil Ornament and even wrote poetry in Ukrainian. In 1947, the NKVD arrested William Franz in the Soviet occupation zone of Vienna, and a year from now-cancelled “king” died in the Kiev prison.

Monarchist movement in independent Ukraine.

After 1991 in Ukraine, four of the five presidents ruled for only one term. In these circumstances, it would seem difficult to speak about the desire of Ukrainians to “strong arm”. However, attempts to form a monarchist movement were numerous. So, in 1993 in Lviv, Congress passed the “God, king, and Ukraine”, organized by the “Crown”. Another center of the monarchical idea was the Ukrainian national conservative party. A hypothetical throne was claimed by several offspring of Rurik and Gediminas, for example, Prince Michael Karachevsky-Wolf, Prince Vladimir Dolgoruky-Argutinsky, as well as a Orest Karelin-Romanishin.

In 2002 a private firm “Ecosoil”, referring to a study by the British Association of Royal Families, have indicated the existence of three lines of the Hetman’s power, the descendants of which could theoretically be put to the Ukrainian crown.

According to the scientists, there are no prospects of monarchism in the Ukraine. Too lightweight figures are the current “princes”, handing out to supporters of non-existent titles. However, in the context of political instability and regular Maidan recovery “didinho” Hetmanate or the “Russian Kingdom” should not be considered something absolutely fantastic. In the end, the Ukrainians have already chosen President of the actor who became famous for the role of the President in the television series.

Finally, do not exclude the spread of Imperial power in Ukraine in the case of the restoration of the monarchy in Russia – at least in the form of a personal Union. Living inexample of such structures can serve as the British Commonwealth of Nations (the Queen of England is recognized as head of state in many former colonies, including Australia and Canada).

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