Why in the Russian army introduced the post of Sergeant major

Another 09/03/20 Photo: mil.hysacam in the Russian army introduced the post of Sergeant major of the

In the Russian army an important role always played NCOs, non-commissioned officers, or NCOs, depending on which army, tsarist, Soviet or Russian, was discussed. And recently introduced a new position – Sergeant major.

What will the main sergeants?

This is the post, not the title. From this point of view, the chain of command remains unchanged. But it became known that the new positions to be a high. For example, 370 designated master sergeants participated in the working meeting with the commander of the southern military district, Colonel-General Alexander by Dvornikova. In the civil system of hierarchy it is as if with foremen consulted the CEO of a big holding, better to say — even with the Deputy team leaders. The analogy is not quite exact, but the meaning of the situation reports is true.

of Course, tenure does not mean a fundamental revision of the functions of the officers and sergeants, but once, apparently, will not. In particular, the Sergeant major is seen as the assistant to the commander, providing discipline and level of training of the personnel. In the absence of the officers of the command responsibilities of the chief Sergeant. As explained in the press service of the southern military district, this post — election, Sergeant major is approved at a General meeting of the sergeants, who chooses from among its best-trained and reputable Junior commanders.

the prototype of the main Sergeant of the Russian army was clearly the position of the chief Sergeant of the army of the United States. There is a difference — American Sergeant major of the command more endowed with significant powers, in particular he supervises the activities of sergeants.

Until the position is experimental and not written, for example, in the Disciplinary regulations of the armed forces, aboutTechet, in particular, the retired Colonel Mikhail Khodarenok. Some experts believe that the Sergeant major would be a kind of symbiosis of petty officer and officer, providing administrative and economic life of the units combined with the combat and political training. In particular, the military commentator for TASS, a retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin, recalls that the army training is inextricably linked with education.

Embedding in the chain of command

is currently the chief sergeants introduced only as a pilot project in the southern military district. Therefore the questions arise on how to function the incumbent people. In particular, what is important is, will provide some distinctions. In the army, where there is a rigid hierarchy, straps, stripes and chevrons — not just a form element or decoration, they allow you to immediately determine the place holder in the system, because no duplication of powers or chaos in questions of who obeys whom, can not be.

it is also Unclear whether chief Sergeant to expect remuneration for the position. The army put extra charges for post, not counting salaries for the title. The authors of the experiment has not clarified this point, we can only assume that it will depend on the outcome of the experiment will be useful in the army main Sergeant — position will be introduced to the relevant Statutes and command chain. And if not — then it will remain an attempt to reform the structure, remaining essentially unchanged if not from the First world war, the great Patriotic war — exactly.

in Fairness, the introduction of the post of chief Sergeant was discussed even when he was defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, but at that time the idea was not implemented. Let’s see how she will pass the test of military reality.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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