Vasily Grigin: what Hero of the Soviet Union 10 times imprisoned

Crime 17/02/20 Vasily Grigin: what Hero of the Soviet Union 10 times imprisoned

a Native of Altai Krai Vasily Grigin went through the war. He was wounded and lost an eye. For bravery at the front, Gregin was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. However, 20 years after the victory Grigia deprived of high rewards. All this time Vasily Filippovich held in places of deprivation of liberty. He never left them afterwards. The amount of time the former Hero of the Soviet Union was 37 years.

war Hero

Vasily Filippovich Gregin was born in 1921 at the station Ozerki of Altai Krai. Comes from an ordinary peasant family stars in the sky are not enough. Grigin even secondary education is not received: graduated, like his countrymen, only in primary school. In September 1940, Basil went to give back to the Motherland. During the service, came the Great Patriotic war. So Grigin was on the front line. He had to make war on various fronts: in the Western, southwestern, Ukrainian. In 1944 already a Sergeant Grigin became commander of the 32nd infantry regiment. But wherever there happened to be and whatever happened to lead Vasily Grigio, all spoke of him as balanced, and most importantly brave man. And these words are hard to call are empty.

Basil Grivina not once touch the enemy, but once one of them hit him right in the head. Grigin survived but lost his left eye. However, the amazing thing is that after being wounded Sergeant returned and continued to fight to the bitter end. And in November 1944, he distinguished himself during the famous fighting in Latinskom bridgehead. Grigin fearlessly fulfilled the task set before him, despite heavy losses. It is noteworthy that fought Grigin along with all: and when he come help in the ranks was just him and another soldier. Therefore nobody was surprised with the news that Grigin awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. As the authors of the book “the Way to Balaton” Michael Sarojin and Vladimir Petrukhin Gold Star Vasily Filippovich got it for deeds committed by them on Latinskom bridgehead.

a Paramedic is a briber and a bully

If you believe the author of the publication “Damned and forgotten. Rejected Heroes of the Soviet Union”, Vladimir Konev, when he returned to his native Altai region, Vasily Grigin, veteran, disabled and the Hero of the great Patriotic war, was surrounded by honor and respect. He got a job, started a family and got a separate housing. However, their relatives still lived at the station Vladimirskaya, Grigin does not forget. In the autumn of 1947, he once again came to the lakes. Sister complained Grigio local paramedic who got into the habit to write sick leave exclusively for bribes, despite the severity of the disease. Vasil was furious and grabbed the paramedic dragged him to the lake to drown.

the inevitable punishment medic saved the villagers. However, that is what “hooliganism” is Grigin and got my first period – 4 years of imprisonment. From that moment began a criminal the Hero of the Soviet Union. In 1949 Vasily Grigin staged a riot in the kraypotrebsoyuz, and right on Victory Day. For another “hooliganism” it was in places not so remote 1 year and 8 months. All for shenanigans involving “the outrage and committed with particular impudence and cynicism”, Gregin was convicted three more times. But it was in his biography article, and terrible.

Other criminal record and shot in the head

Among a dozen convictions Basil Grigia was listed, and crimes such as theft, resisting a police officer, causing especially serious bodily harm and rape. By the way, the last act of Grigin full 10-year term, appointed him court, never left. According to the historian Boris Sokolov in his book “two-faced Beria”, in 1953 on the initiative of Lavrenty Beria in the country an Amnesty was declared. Then freedom was even maters repeat offenders, which resulted in a crime surge. Among the released was Vasily Grigin. If not for Amnesty for all their crimes Grigin would have spent behind bars for exactly 37 years.

However, at that moment Vasily Grigin probably assumed that because the slippery slope he went down. He has visited 6 times in the dock before he was stripped of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and of all awards, including the order of Lenin and the medal “For courage”. But this circumstance forced Grigia to think again. From committing new crimes he was stopped only by death. He died in 1991 in a hospital in Barnaul. It should be noted that the villagers, according to Vladimir Konev, still remember him and in one voice say that once calm and reasonable Grigia changed bullet wound received at the front. It was after he became short-tempered, irritable and began to abuse alcohol.

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