What Russian can say thank you Lenin

History 25/02/20 what Russian can say thanks to Lenin

Even currently there are many people for whom Lenin – our all and the conviction which, for Russia, it did very much good. Di and there is no way that a historical figure was either extremely positive, or completely negative character. Always can find in his biography any acts deviating from its original line of conduct, characterizing it from the opposite side.

in addition, the revolution after all – it’s not about one person. It would be foolish to dump all her negativity to one of Lenin. Revolution is the movement of huge masses of people. And if so, it means that with its help people are trying to solve, sometimes belatedly and perversely, some obviously overdue in the society problems. In General, they say, every revolution is a reflection of who caused that mode.

Even if some argue that the problem in the end would necessarily be resolved in Russia, only less bloody than a revolution, we’re dealing with real history, does not tolerate the subjunctive mood. Sometimes you can hear that the Westernization of Russia would be carried out in any case, only less painful than did Peter the Great. But in reality, it was carried out it was he – and he deserved the glory, no matter how it rated. Or it is believed that serfdom would be surely canceled, and Alexander II signed the Manifesto, actually prepared by his father. But he signed it – so that he remained in history as the Tsar-liberator.

the Main thing – all revolutions leave behind a legacy that decades later, recognized the new authorities, sometimes in words, rejecting the ideology and deeds of the revolution . First of all, because many of the overdue reforms introduced by the revolution abruptly, without much parliamentary debate. Well, if the leader of the revolution was Lazinessn, it is fair to give the palm in solving problems to him. So, of course, the question of what good has done for Russia, Lenin is quite legitimate, and a monosyllabic response here is not to get rid of.

so, let’s start with the heritage of the revolution Lenin, which is so firmly entrenched in our lives that without it we simply can not imagine. The list is as follows:

– the abolition of classes, the equation of people’s rights irrespective of their birth (restrictions existed until 1936, just the same for individuals of the former privileged classes), “society of equal starting opportunities”;
– elimination of differences in the rights associated with religion, as well as permission publicly to profess any faith, the separation of schools and families from the Church;
– destruction of national limitations; resolution to establish a national-territorial self-governing region (this day is the basis of the Federal structure of Russia!)to teach in schools and to develop printing in national languages;
– the equality of women and men, the introduction of civil marriage, the permission of divorce, equal rights for illegitimate children legitimate;
– the right to public care and education of children of parents in employment;
– the right government after the loss of ability to work;
– the state’s responsibility to provide each citizen education (to a certain level; this level, as we know from Soviet history, has steadily increased).

note that these transformations are essentially liberal and democratic and to this day constitute the Foundation of the civil law system of Russia. There will always be those who will argue that Russia would be better if reform was carried out peacefully. Well they did not have, or at least not declared ones opponents of Lenin, who had power before him? Lenin himself always acknowledged that most of the tasks for his revolution, bourgeois-democratic. But Burzoysia was unable to solve them, and now the Russian proletariat is forced to finish for her historical work.

let’s Add that the above achievements can not refuse, no modern democratic state, if it wants to remain democratic. How would say probably Lenin himself, is the dialectics of history.

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