Veterans of Moscow for the Victory Day will receive an additional payment


veterans of the great Patriotic war in Moscow on Victory Day will receive an additional 25 thousand roubles, and workers of back – on 15 thousand. This was reported Sergei Sobyanin on his page in sotsseti “Vkontakte”.

the Mayor reminded that last year the city authorities looked to the living conditions of veterans and built the list of their wishes, including on repair of apartments.

“will do. Increase financial assistance to the city for Victory Day. Veterans will receive 25 thousand roubles, workers of back – on 15 thousand. This is in addition to the Federal”, – said Sobyanin.

At the moment in Moscow there are more than 52 thousand veterans of the great Patriotic war. Each month, they receive two pensions and certain social payments. The average income of invalids of the great Patriotic war is 52.3 thousand roubles, participants of the great Patriotic war – 35,3 thousand roubles, participants of defence of Moscow – 36.2 thousand rubles, workers of rear – 27,8 thousand rubles.

From 1 January 2018, the size of individual social payments to veterans of the great Patriotic war was increased twofold. In addition, in 2023, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin ordered to increase lump sum payments for veterans.

In addition to the Federal payment to the Metropolitan invalids and participants of war, participants of defense of Moscow, veterans who were awarded the medal “For defense of Leningrad”, will receive 25 thousand rubles. Home front workers, widows of war veterans, blood donors during the war, residents of besieged Leningrad and the former prisoners of fascism designed for 15 thousand rubles. Another 10 thousand rubles will allocate to pensioners born before 31 December 1931.

in Addition to monetary support, the city authorities carry out the necessary social services to veterans. In the period from 2014 to 2019 in Moscow were repaired more than six thousand apartments for veterans. 2023 planned work in 1 861 the living room. In addition, pensioners are provided with a nurse – in particular, more than 16 thousand lonely aboutthese veterans receive social services at home.

In Moscow works round the clock remote system “panic button” to summon emergency assistance to war veterans. In addition, medical and social institutions can send veterans sanatorium-resort treatment and leisure in the boarding houses.

the 75th anniversary of the victory of President Vladimir Putin ordered to pay all the veterans of Russia on 75 thousand roubles. These goals will take more than 71 billion.

the jubilee anniversary of the Moscow 24 TV channel launched the project “Letter of Victory” to assemble a single electronic library of letters of the war years.

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