New Zealanders are considered to be peaceful people. But what has happened recently in your peaceful island country, gluten-drives even the nicest new Zealander to know.

A British family from Liverpool, England, was on vacation in new Zealand – nothing Wrong with that. However, the 15-member troupe had such a bad Behavior, that she cared in the whole country for plenty of agitation. But what had happened?

“It smelled like death.”

on the outbound flight to Auckland, the family pushed other travelers around, swore at this, and cried. The parents demanded alcohol. “After landing, they left full gekotete baby clothes,” said a passenger to the New Zealand Herald. “It smelled like death.”

new Zealander to start a Petition for the expulsion of the family

arrived Yet in the holiday country, it didn’t go much better. On the social networks, all sorts of posts that should show quickly accumulated, as the family with threats, bullying, Zechprellen and thefts by the Locals in fear and terror offset. Even a child of the family accosted in a Video and threatened the witness Krista Curnow, “the brain out of beat”.

This was observed in binge drinking in the family and writes in a Facebook Post: “As the family Packed up, left your entire waste – an estimated twelve of them had been drinking, two babies and a Boy. All of the adults appeared to be drunk. We have asked you to clean up. Your answer was: If we had a Problem with the waste, we could provide in order. Then, they were violent…” A man of the family should even have tried to run Curnow.

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According to the New Zealand Herald it drove the thugs to the extent that a Petition was created on the expulsion of the family (of at least 4,500 people signed). But that’s not enough: The authorities were able to view the behavior of the rampaging tourists family finally no longer and the family have referred to now officially in the country.

“the Horror family” shows no sense of guilt

guilt shows not family, “Flodder”. Instead, you give the new Zealanders the debt. A man of the “Horror family” said the NZ Herald: “I’m just a fat guy from England who is here on vacation. If people want me to photograph or film, and ask me questions, I get scared. The people in new Zealand treat us like shit.” And his father added: “I will never return to new Zealand, on the beach, I was afraid for my children.” It is to be hoped that you do on your return, even more evil.

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