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Heroes 11/03/20 Vladimir Zaitsev, as Colonel of “alpha” they caught the spies of the CIA

many of the agents of the Soviet intelligence in Western countries and Japan are widely known to ordinary people and has been a part of popular culture. Cambridge five Richard Sorge and Rudolf Abel became heroes of movies and even overgrown with myths. Let’s not forget that they are still declassified in exile – such is the fate of many spies. But counterintelligence worked in the Soviet Union.

Vladimir Nikolayevich Zaitsev for participation in numerous operations of the security authorities called “a storm of spies”. He is now retired, previously was an officer of special forces “alpha”, which was established in the fifth management of KGB of the USSR on the initiative of Yuri Andropov. A new unit was used to provide security during the exchange of political prisoners and important events (among which, for example, the Olympics-80 in Moscow).

to get into special ops, had to meet strict selection criteria. Vladimir was the perfect candidate. From the factory, he was drafted into the army and wound up in the GDR. Professionally engaged in martial arts. In 1972, the year he linked his life with the security organs, and after ten years was promoted to leading posts in the “alpha”.

In November 1983, Zaitsev was called in to lead the rescue of the passengers, who captured an armed group of “Golden youth” of Georgia. The young people planned to fly to Turkey after the Declaration requirements shot dead a passenger and a flight engineer. Vladimir Mikhailovich arrived on the scene, got into the cabin and personally neutralized several terrorists. During the storm no one was hurt. It is kept to an absolute minimum losses were characterized by the actions of the squad lead in troubled Afghanistan.

it just So happened that the first to Zaitsev participated in the capture of the spy (or rather spy) happened in 1977: he then helped to detain the Vice-Consul of the American Embassy. Colleague “a storm of spies,” General Gennady Zaitsev remembers that his namesake tried to work through all the possible scenarios on the job, after all enemy agents in a stressful situation were able to return fire and hit bystanders, or to implement plan B — the liquidation.

In June 1985, “alpha” was immediately detained aeronautical engineer Tolkacheva, for six years, sending photos of secret documents to the U.S. Embassy. Speed and performance have become the hallmark of Zaitsev. In August of the same year to train his “alfovtsy” surprised the staff of the military attaché in Lisbon, Colonel of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Smets. According to the materials of the indictment of the case, he demanded that the CIA a million dollars for his recruitment, but later received a much more modest amount.

No less important for the country was the neutralization of the military educator and the GRU General Dmitriy Polyakov, who was a double agent for twenty years. “Moles” in the bodies nullified the efforts of the Soviet intelligence network. Not surprisingly, many detainees Zaitsev citizens have a high rank and access to sensitive information: major foreign counterintelligence Motorin, major Gennady Varenik, Colonel of scientific and technical intelligence Martynov, Lieutenant Colonel Eugene…

Many of them knew firsthand about the methods of work of KGB, as planned counterintelligence action. Moreover, they are intensively preparing for the possible declassification in connection with the work on Soviet “mole” CIA agent Aldrich Ames and FBI’s Robert Hanssen. During interrogations, has defected to the service of the Americans, the military has rarely deny the fact of treason. Some asked the court to replace the execution of other punishment.

if There untimely demise the fault of Vladimir Nikolaevich? No, it is not. Rabbits just gutlnal and brilliant. Those who worked for the CIA, knew what it could for them to turn around and deliberately took risks. Bond sometimes romance ends in tragedy.

Ivan Komarnicki

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