He had to be delivered, according to initial findings, with a broken leg in a children’s hospital.

The Boy was with a friend on the edge of the road is the Hermann-Osterloh-street. Suddenly, both children ran into the street. The seven-year-old was recorded by an approaching VW Touran side and crashed to the ground. His friend recognized the danger situation in time and returned. The seven-year-old Boy suffered from probably a broken leg. After initial treatment by rescue personnel, the Boy was transported to the stationary treatment into a hospital.

Against this Background, the police advises all road users to be especially on streets with adjacent playgrounds, extremely attentive and careful. Children often react spontaneously and can be in dangerous situations. Parents should educate their children from an early age on about the road hazards, and regularly with you, the correct behavior practice. Tips on giving security officers in the prevention centre of the police in Bremen, Am Wall 195 or on the phone at the phone number 362-19003.

*This post is Bremen/news provided by: police up to date. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

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