Volochkova is going to sue the theater

Anastasia Volochkova prepares for court with the Bolshoi theatre

Anastasia Volochkova prepares for another court with the Bolshoi theatre. This time the ballerina has said that she refused to pay a well-deserved retirement.

it is Noted that she’s already hired a lawyer to protect her interests. However, all his words were given the same answer: “you first prove that Anastasia was a soloist”.

the ballerina is not appearing at the Bolshoi in 2023. She is now 44 years – in fact, she’s been retired for 6 years.

In turn, at the Bolshoi theater this information has not commented.

Earlier Volochkova announced her wedding. A loud statement about marriage she did on his birthday, however, the person chosen did not disclose, saying that he was beautiful, slender and has never been married.

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