Volodya Yakut: what became the best sniper of the First Chechen

Heroes 24/03/20 Volodya Yakut: what became the best sniper of the First Chechen

every war was associated with various legends. This also applies to fights that took place in Grozny. It was during the First Chechen war there was a legend about the courageous Volodya Yakut. It was a known sniper, who came from the taiga. He managed a few months himself to destroy approximately 362 fighter. It is not known how further developed his fate.

the Young hunter

When was the First Chechen war, fierce fighting took place in Grozny. Lev Rokhlin, commander of the 8 guards corps, it was reported that it wants to see some guy. In his hands was an old rifle. It was Vladimir Maksimovich Kolotov, living in the distant Yakut Iengra. The guy hung hunting coat. He had a carbine Mosin still 1891. Besides the guy was German sniper scope that was used by his ancestors during the Second World war, a piece of paper from the recruiting office, documents.

a guy talked a little. To the terrible, he was able to get myself when I saw the news about Chechnya. He was impressed by how destroyed the city, killed many soldiers. Along with a rifle he went to war.

Evenk told the story, how difficult was the road to the General. He had to face serious obstacles. He was repeatedly detained, forced to return home. Saved the guy a certificate from the recruiting office. It was indicated that voluntary goes to war.

This is the history of General Rokhlin was surprising. In 1995 it was difficult to find people who were willing voluntarily to go to Grozny. Young Vladimir got a job as a sniper. He was given a Dragunov, which the guy refused.

the Purpose of — fighters

In war snipers are trying to work with groups. Their actions are governed spotters, observers. Kolotov has refused such scheme of action. His target was militants at which he opened a real hunt. The guy is voiced by the only wish. Once a day in the place had to leave water, food and ammunition. Then he acted himself.

Russian radio operators often listened to the conversations of the militants on the radio. This allowed them to learn how dangerous a sniper from Yakutia. One day it could kill up to 30 militants. The sniper was famous for a particular handwriting. He killed the gunmen in the eye, accurately and instantly.

the Federal troops of this brave and agile sniper called Volodya Yakut. All Chechen commanders were afraid of him. His head is promised incredible rewards – up to $ 30,000, and the Shamil Basayev offered the star of the Hero of Chechnya, but the sniper was still at large. For Volodya akutai the hunt began. The only sniper Abubakar was able to track him down and hurt, but it was not fatal. The offender Volodya Yakut severely punished. He spent a long time tracking it down and finally found Abubakar, then shot in the eye was killed.

two months Volodya killed 362 fighter, but the legend does not end there. His fate is unknown. Some say he was killed others say that he is alive and was at the reception of Medvedev in 2009. We can only guess what happened to the sniper from Yakutia.

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