History 24/03/20 “A. L. J. I. R.”: how many children were born in the camp for wives of enemies of the people

the Mass repressions demanded to create a special camp, where headed wife of convicted military, managers, heads of enterprises. Akmola camp or abbreviated ALGERIA missed by myself about 20 thousand women. The terrible conditions of the Kazakh steppe became a real challenge for women, many of whom died in the camp.

the First years in the camp ALGERIA

in Akmola area established by decision of people’s Commissar Yezhov. The document was signed on August 15, 1937, at his camp were exiled family of enemies of the people, including children from 15 years. Rules of submission have been strict. During the detailed search, confiscated personal belongings, letters, values.

were Transported to the camp in stages. In ALGERIA in January 1938 the first prisoners arrived. The backbone of the women were born in big cities – Moscow, Rostov, Irkutsk, and they are very hard to bear, the steppe climate and freezing to -40 degrees. The barracks were not completed until the end, this further complicated the situation. Sometimes we had to sleep on the bare floor in huts without roofs.

the Sanitation situation was truly dreadful. For the whole barracks was put one wash basin. Drinking water is not enough, according to the norms of her brought only in the calculation of the bucket per person per week.

the Fee for complicity in sabotage activities

a Prominent researcher of the period of repression Daniel Alexander and historian Roginsky believe that Stalin wives and daughters of enemies of the people were the participants of the crime. They certainly knew about the wrecking activities of men.

Stalin sincerely believed, even if women and children helped the men to harm the country, they knew about these activities, but not reported. Therefore, such complex conditions are fair for partners, not victims of circumstances.

Wife of the highest rank in Algiers

In the camp were sent as wives to the chiefs of the factories, and the families of the higher administration of the Universitytva countries under the repression. In Akmolinsk brought Elizabeth Tukhachevskiy – sister of the commander of the red army. Ekaterina Kalinina, the wife of the head of the USSR Mikhail Kalinin was also a prisoner in this camp.

Born in Akmolinsk

According to official statistics from the opening and up to 53 years in the camp, born 1507 children. The surviving children were kept in the barracks with the mother for up to three years, and then taken to orphanages across the country.

Despite the ban on exiled to ALGERIA in pregnant women, this has constantly violated. Actress Plisetskaya wrote in his memoirs that in her hut for a long time lived a girl with a baby, moved, and pregnant women.

severe punishment

the Harsh climate forced them to look for ways to keep warm. Women rescued reeds, which grew in the camp. His burned suit and clothes dryers. The main thing is not to set fire to things, damage to property were sent to the punishment cell.

Severely punished and concealment products. Already by 1939, the camp began to grow vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, planted pears and apples. However, this did not improve the health of prisoners according to the memoirs of Anfisa Kukushkina. In the camp became stricter control. For a tiny bulb was found in the barracks was sent to solitary confinement for three days.

Closing of Akmola camp

Change came to the camp after the war, in 1946, the liberated women of the first steps. Although part was in the camp, just formally transferred to Akmola weaving enterprise.

Only after Stalin’s death, the camp decided to close. By the end of the year from Algeria have taken the last of the prisoners and the camp was completely emptied.

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