History 04/03/20 “watch list”: in the Soviet Union who was a personal enemy of Hitler

In may 1945 in the bunker of Adolf Hitler had found many important documents that helped to shed light on many events of the Second world war. Among the papers was “a watch list of the USSR” with names and personal data of persons subject to destruction. Special filing was made by the Nazis against the citizens of other States. This information is actually a secret was not. The führer was openly called the names of those whose words or actions appeared to him to be offensive or derogatory. He uttered their names during public presentations and willingly shared them with reporters.

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For obvious reasons, to its blacklist of Hitler included a large number of political figures of the time. His personal enemies, he believed Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, De Gaulle. Roosevelt did not want to become an ally of Hitler and publicly called him “stupid gangster,” which is able to solve problems only by force. After the German attack on Poland, Churchill promised to sharpen the Fuhrer in the tower. Of course, such attacks the Fuhrer was not to their liking.


in Addition to the famous Marshal Zhukov and field Marshal Montgomery in the files were names and less high-ranking military. For example, hero of the Soviet Union Marinescu, who sunk a huge number of enemy ships, and spy-virtuoso Ilya Starinov, Mikhail Borisov, with his own hands destroyed 7 enemy tanks, sniper Vasily Zaytsev, which was zealously hunted Nazi hands, the leader of the partisans Diane Murzin, who took prisoner the General Muller.


Mikhail Koshkin designed T-34 tank, managed to get on the list of enemies of the Nazis after his death. That is why Kharkov cemetery, where rested his body was destroyed by the Germans.

wolf messing fell out of favor with the Fuhrer after his predictions in which the seer beheld the death of the leader of the Nazis if they invade the East.


Caught in the death list and the Ministers of art: poets, writers, actors. So, Erich Maria Remarque for his literary activity and anti-fascist statements became a personal enemy of the Fuhrer. German writer, Feuchtwanger was wicked once in 1937, visited the Soviet Union and wrote a book about it. From Kiev, Ilya Ehrenburg appeared in sight of Hitler in the anti-fascist prose.

Soviet cartoonists Boris Efimov and Vladimir Galba vysmeivaetsya Hitler and his minions, also were among the unwanted to the Fuhrer. The artist Haris Yakupov, the master of historical genre and portrait, also did not like Hitler.

Charlie Chaplin became a personal enemy of the Fuhrer after the release of the film “the Great dictator”. Marlene Dietrich angered Hitler that he emigrated from Nazi Germany to the United States.


Jesse Owens, a black athlete, who in 1936 at the Olympic games in Berlin became the champion, of course, also passed blacklist Hitler.

the Nazis enraged even a football team called “Start” from Kiev, whose members won the match against German pilots.


For the murder of a radio announcer, Yuri Levitan, who throughout the war he supported with his voice the civilians and Soviet soldiers, Hitler promised a reward.

Journalist and writer Ernst Henry (real name Leonid Hunt) fell out of favor with the Nazis for the book “Hitler against the USSR”.

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