Crime 04/03/20 “Business Pavlenko”: as the deserter of the great Patriotic was the underground millionaire

One of the most sophisticated scams the times of the USSR was the name of Nikolai Maksimovich Pavlenko, which is more than 10 years cheated, the Ministry of interior and the Ministry of internal Affairs. In fact he created his own military unit and during the great Patriotic war has managed to earn millions of rubles.

Pavlenko was born near Kiev and entered the Institute of road where it because kulak origin excluded. In 1935, a guy was arrested for theft, after which he as an employee of the construction Department was recruited by the NKVD. Being a secret service agent Nicholas got a job at Gaweinstal, where the foreman has grown to the head of the construction site. On 27 June 1941 as a military engineer himself at the front, but realizing that war is dangerous, he in the chaos of the first days of the Nazi attack disappears. At the same time, he decides to focus all my energy on taking advantage of the situation.

a Private military unit

the engineer had a lot of relatives and friends in the city of Kalinin (Tver) where the fugitive went. Here Pavlenko decided to crank out a multi-million dollar Scam in the construction contracts. A Rudchenko helped rogue to make fake seals and forged documents for the organization of a “military Plot construction of the Kalinin front No. 5”, and thousands of forms, which at a military warehouse he was given army uniforms and food rations.
Immediately after that, Pavlenko visited the Kalinin military enlistment office and asked for his “straircase” subordinates. Military Commissars in the fake forms are not understood and sent to the crook, convalescent soldiers from the hospital. In fact Pavlenko managed to create a fictitious military unit with all necessary attributes and documents.
“Organization” Nikolay Maximovich began to follow the advancing Soviet front, and perform manynumerical construction contracts. Customers could think that you are dealing with a fraud, and ingenious received for the loyalty bribes.

a Large part of the allocated funds appropriated Pavlenko, do not forget to share with officers. Additional protection he found in the person of Colonel in the air force for a bribe attributed to his office in the rear of the flight with full clothing and food allowances. The Scam grew and rogue is always needed working hands. To replenish recruited deserters and soldiers, for various reasons, separated from their connections. By 1944, Pavlenko and his associates earned millions of rubles, and in the lime of the military unit there were more than two hundred men, who were armed even with machine guns.

the Western campaign Pavlenko

Once in Poland and then Germany division Pavlenko increased production volumes of illicit enrichment. Complete defeat, ignorance of the language and the fear of Russian became the main weapon of the rogue. In Germany its “soldiers” were involved in looting and assignment of property. Pavlenko “confiscated” the needs of the red army, tens of cars, a herd of cows, a herd of horses, dozens of tons of food, numerous production equipment.
Rob the Germans speculator helped the bribes he handed out to the officers of the staffs of army supply. Subsequently, the investigation revealed that a particularly warm relationship he had with commandant of Stuttgart, which is for the export of the loot was given Pavlenko echelon of 30 cars. The stolen items were sold to his accomplices in Poland.
After may 1945, the brigade Pavlenko became known as the “Directorate of military construction,” for a bribe attached to the military Commissariat of Tula. Nikolay Maksimovich became a respected man received for the “feats” of numerous awards including the “Red star”. Don’t forget he and his demobilized “soldiers”, also received more than 200 medals and awards. The majority of ordinary soldiers did not know that he served in phony military unit.
“Hero of war” could not sit on the spot and he conceived a number of new scams, but smaller in scale. Organizing a bogus construction gang, Pavlyuchenko took the money to build them and completely disappeared.

the end of the swindler

it was Revealed the gang in the scheme bonds Treasury bonds. One of the wards Pavlenko illegally bought securities and sold them to workers who did not pay extra. One of the deceived, engineer Efremenko wrote a complaint to Voroshilov and in 1952 the Prosecutor’s office began the investigation.
the Investigators began to inquire about the part in which the crime happened and after a request to the interior Ministry and the defense Ministry realized that construction management is nowhere to be found. Detectives could not believe it and continued the investigation. Later it turned out that Pavlenko 4 years in the all-Union wanted list for earlier has money.
At the end of November 1952, investigators arrested all branches of the “office” and the leader. Total detained more than 400 people who have seized 30 rifles and machine guns, 3 machine guns, 20 pistols, 3 machine guns, 76 vehicles, construction machinery, fake stamps and letterheads. Prison terms have been only 17 people, and most Pavlenko shot. Interestingly, none of the officials working with the rogue, have not received punishment.

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