Since some week there is an extreme winter weather in the Bavarian Alps region. Two people lost their lives: A nine-year-old Boy was beaten to death in Aying from a tree. The driver of a clearance vehicle tool crashed in Lenggries. In some Parts of Bavaria rivers to burst their banks, roads were flooded. All of the events to the snow-Chaos of the past few days, you can find in our News-Ticker. By the Frost, there is a new Problem.

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Update vom 22. January, 17.31 PM: hair stand on end, and we grasp at the door handle,’s electric shock: Verena Leyendecker, graduate meteorologist and editor at explains what is behind the term crackling weather.

Update vom 22. January, 08.33 PM: The extreme cold, which Germany since the days of the grip, could continue, according to the DWD weather experts Andreas Friedrich until February. However, this was not particularly unusual, stressed Friedrich in an Interview with “RP Online”. The reason for the change was the Change in the flow direction of the air masses that bring now instead of schmuddliger moisture from the North-West an icy cold from the North-East.

especially motorists should continue to exercise caution, because with the frigid temperatures, the duration of a pull frost.Drivers should be sure to give careful Gas and not to make any sudden steering movements. Furthermore, the car owner should have to make sure that your carts are winterized and equipped, plenty of antifreeze and de-icer. In addition, parts of the car could be with insulation foil sealed to prevent freezing.

weather and Bavaria: Several accidents on hard snow And it is still item colder

Update vom 21. January, 15.30 PM: bright sunshine in the mountains, meters of powder snow and bone-chilling cold – better conditions, as it is currently winter sports enthusiasts will find in Bavaria.

But the stable is High, the us just very cold temperatures and the fog, a clean air benches, brought, too, has its shadow sides.

As recorded by mountain rescuers and authorities in a variety of accidents. Because it was during the snow chaos‘ the white splendour is still fluffy and soft, and dangerously wet and heavy he is now, in many places, as hard as concrete, frozen.

Two of the most serious accidents happened in the winter sports areas in the surroundings of Munich, passed on Sunday. A woman from Ebersberg injured himself at the high Board while sledding, although she was relegated to the caution from the carriage. And at the Sudelfeld, a kid crashed hard due to a serious misunderstanding.

And the Siberian temperatures last only once:

weather in Bavaria: an Enormous cold remains – DWD warns of three dangers

Update vom 21. February 2019: The German weather service warns of Monday morning, Bayern is far ahead of Frost, black ice and light snow. It is to be expected with the smoothness of the slight snowfall, as the DWD reported. There is moderate Frost between -6 degrees and -9 degrees. In the case of Cham, Deggendorf and Passau the weather service warns of severe freezing temperatures between -10 degrees and -13 degrees.

Update to the blood moon on the 21. January 2019: lunar Eclipse on 21. January, 2019: The spectacular blood moon this Morning in pictures and Video

Update from the 20. January, 2019: After the heavy snowfall in Bavaria, the last of the affected Region has lifted at the weekend the case of a disaster. The district administrator of the district Berchtesgadener Land, Georg Grabner, declared the emergency situation on Saturday from 12 noon. During the ten days of the Disaster event, about 12,000 forces from the district and the whole of Bavaria had been in use, it said. The helpers would be exempt during this period, around 1600 roofs, especially of private homes of the masses of Snow to prevent collapses. In the event of a disaster had been declared in the beginning of January due to the extreme snowfall in five Bavarian counties.

During the Winter in the rest of Germany, especially in the North and North-East of its extreme cold shows, there are people in the free state of positive customer: After the turbulent conditions of the last few weeks, it goes with the somewhat milder increase. Snow is supposed to it can still, however, the sun does not hide and shows us in the coming days, time after Time, your face.

+ In the coming days, the temperatures drop in the basement. (Icon photo)© picture alliance / Felix Hörhage

Update from the 20. January, 2019: The Siberian cold wave will remain with us for a while. For the coming days, the German weather forecast service (DWD) duration of the frost and icy cold. In the South of Bavaria, it is up to minus twelve degrees colder, in these regions, the DWD is warning of severe Frost. On Monday we expect double-digit minus temperatures at night, and occasionally it may snow yet, mostly it will be in the next few days, but Sunny.

weather in Bayern: Official warning for numerous counties

19.34 PM: According to the German weather service are there for large parts of Bavaria for an official warning before a Frost. It is valid in the following counties: Berchtesgadener Land, Rosenheim, Miesbach, Ebersberg, Landkreis München, Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, Starnberg, Fürstenfeldbruck, Weilheim-Schongau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Landsberg, Memmingen, allgäu, lower allgäu region, and Ostallgäu (see map above).

The warning applies in most counties, first to Sunday, 10 am.

Update vom 19. January 2019, 9.43 PM: According to information from the German weather service (DWD) determined on Saturday with its center of gravity from Bavaria to South Eastern Europe verlagerndes High and polar sea air and the weather. It remains chilly at -1 and -3 degrees. In the night and in the Morning between -5 and -9 degrees, in Valley and trough severe Frost were up to -18 degrees.

weather in Bavaria: the case of a disaster in the district of Traunstein

19.01 PM: Good news for the County of Traunstein: in The event of a disaster, is repealed. From 0 o’clock of Saturday, the regular alarm readiness of the forces to be restored, said on Friday the district office.

17.11 at: the municipality of Waakirchen in the upper Bavarian district of Miesbach has really lost a lot of snow. Reason enough for the Bavarian radio, look at this:

Waakirchens mayor Sepp Hartl drives with BR by snow chaos – and forgets an important Detail.

12.38 PM: The gigantic masses of Snow in the South of Bavaria have triggered an avalanche of a well-known ski resort. Here, a student reported how she escaped the masses of Snow at the Sudelfeld in the car.

weather in Bavaria: two-digit minus degrees – now Comes the cold-Hammer?

9.31 PM: temperatures are expected to decrease in the coming days. Freezes Bayern now? When looking at the 16-day preview of notice: The temperature noise in the basement. The looks before temperatures forecast for the next two weeks that are far below Zero. A piece should fall, for example, in Munich the temperatures.

Are these on Sunday between -2 and -7 degrees, should they fall on Friday, in a week -2 to -9 degrees. The low point is then to come, according to this Trend, at the end of January. 28. and 29. January, predict the experts temperatures can range between -8 and -14, as well as between -5 and -13 degrees.

To the Bavarian Alps in Berchtesgaden or Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the temperatures can fall, according to in the same period, even up to -15 degrees.

How reliable is this forecast for the next 16 days, it will show. After all, the accuracy is according to Wikipedia, for a 3-day preview is still at 75 percent.

After the evacuation of Raiten in the district of Traunstein: residents return

8.55 PM: After the acute avalanche danger for the poor Inger, the District of Raiten 80 residents have so far been in their apartments and houses back. A spokesman for the district administrator’s office of Traunstein said on Friday morning.

On Thursday evening, the authorities lifted the lockout for the settlement. The likelihood of a Snow slide on the houses was extremely low, it said. In the district of Traunstein is after the heavy snow of the past few days, cases still in the case of a disaster.

8.39 PM: Now, also in the case of a disaster, it was repealed in the district of Miesbach. The district office informed.

weather: Polar sea, air flows to Bavaria road can be smooth

6.59 PM: It is still cold in Bavaria. Now, the polar sea, air flows in the free state. On Friday, this is coming under increasing high pressure influence, reports the German weather service (DWD). In the morning, it can be widely used to the smoothness of snow, slush, and frozen wet. By noon it may be, according to the DWD local of new snow by the individual showers. The temperatures lie between -2 and +5 degrees. In the night to Saturday the temperatures will fall back to -8 degrees in Alpine valleys, and even up to -13 degrees. In Northern Bavaria, there may also be above 600 meters to the duration of frost.

Raiten due to avalanche danger evacuated: residents are allowed to return

Update from the 18. January, 6.30 PM: The residents of the because of acute avalanche danger, evacuated poor Inger hamlet Raiten earlier than expected to return to their homes. The blocking will be terminated with immediate effect, informed the district office of Traunstein on late Thursday evening. Currently, the probability for an avalanche was on the houses is extremely low. Previously, the authority was still assumed that the blocking until at least Friday will continue.

The avalanche warning Commission had investigated the area on Thursday using a helicopter, and the situation re-evaluated. Still locked out of the area between the buildings and the hillside remained.

18.57 PM: After the evacuation of the poor Inger hamlet Raiten residents may for the time being, not more in their homes. A Reporter from* was on-site and provides an Overview of the situation in Raiten.

weather in Bavaria: temperatures drop – the “Arctic Outbreak”

14.45 PM: in Many places in Bavaria, the temperatures were in the past few days in the plus area. But now the temperatures are to noise in the basement. So, the temperatures on Friday, according to the DWD still between -2 and +4 degrees – but on Sunday, the maximum temperature in Bavaria, just +1 can lie. On the weekend, the Thermometer can drop at night even at -13 degrees. Where it has now around +7 degrees, plunging temperatures to below Zero. So today, measured at +7 degrees, but on Sunday, the Thermometer may fall, according to to -10 degrees. Reason for this is the low-pressure area “move on”, that for a so-called “Arctic Outbreak”.

“Neat racket”: Now it’s getting messy storm of snow, rain and Wind,

10.30 am: The extreme snowfall in Bavaria are just once a week, but now new snow-threatens – even down to the flat country. warns of “neat racket with flat-country snow”. The weather on Thursday is supposed to keep, therefore, a lot of things: rain, snow showers, high Wind and even isolated Thunderstorms. Reason a storm is low, the cold front Germany in the course of a day crossing. At the same time significantly cooler air comes in from the North. “This also means, the snowfall level will drop in the course of the day to the deepest layers,” einem Video on

in the afternoon, the Front will reach the Alps and to the South of Bavaria. “There will be some showers behind still follow”, so the prediction. Then it could be even white, in the North-West of Germany, “to the deepest layers”. It is in the higher elevations of storm. According to the German weather service (DWD) in the Western Swiss francs as well as in the Alpine gusts foothills at times between 50 and 60 km/h from the southwest. On the mountains, gusts of wind can sometimes reach 80 km/h. In the afternoon it can snow then according to the also in the Alps, in the South it will remain mostly in the rain.

On Friday to relax the weather, therefore, again, in the South-East snowfalls are still possible.

place in the district of Traunstein evacuated uncertain whether residents can return today

Update vom 17. January, 6.01 PM: The inhabitants of the poor Inger hamlet Raiten have to stay because of acute avalanche danger, first of all, more friends and Acquaintances, or in shelters. The situation after the evacuation of the place in the evening unchanged, said the head of the leading group of civil protection in the Landratsamt Traunstein early Thursday morning. It is not completely certain whether the people could in the course of the day in their homes. Because of an avalanche, threatened, had to leave on Wednesday around 230 poor Inger, as a precaution, your home.

In the course of the Morning, the snow should be the ceiling and cracks in the affected area from a helicopter, examined, said the staff of the district administrative office. The entrance to the place Raiten remain locked. In the district of Traunstein in the event of a disaster, since a week.

weather in Bavaria: Considerable avalanche danger in the Bavarian Alps

19.28 PM: In the Bavarian Alps border with a considerable avalanche danger exists on the forest. The main problems with the fresh, larger snow drift accumulations, which are formed in a strong southwest wind, such as the avalanche warning centre in the Bavarian state office for environmental reports. The danger zones are mostly located in the ridge near a steep terrain slope directions North through East to Southeast, and in drifted gullies and bowls. Here is a triggering of snow slab avalanche activity is already at a low additional load of a single skier.

number and size of the risk set to increase with the height. From Sunday, not yet discharged to catchments of medium layers, there can be side for Self-timer medium-sized, occasionally large, loose snow and slab avalanches. Up to the middle layers, often close to the ground humidity, Snow cover on smooth, steep, grass can hang as well as bandgap mountain forests as full-depth avalanches on the floor slipping. Because of the powerful snow also large avalanches are ceilings possible in some cases.

16.32 PM: The use of force in Raiten monitor the situation and consider this as very acute. With sound trucks the forces driving through the village. With buses, the residents were driven to a house to Unterwössen, where they are initially housed.

Currently, it is unclear how to do it. Experts advise on possible steps to be taken and how the risk to get banned. A blast of the avalanche would come to the current condition, however, is not considered.

evacuation in Raiten/Schleching: the district administrator’s decision

15.05 PM: The immediate eviction of the poor Inger hamlet Raiten because of the threat of avalanche has been, according to the County Councilor Siegfried Walch is essential. You have to respond on Wednesday to the warning of the avalanche Commission, said the CSU politician in a Facebook and YouTube spread Video message. “I don’t understand, if people want to get out from their homes,” he said. “But with this message we can not do without a clearance, but must immediately vacate the houses.”

On the spot went a couple of years ago an avalanche down, said the district administrator of the radio station Antenne Bayern. This had stopped in front of the houses. But this year, more snow sun. “The situation is even sharper.” It is a risk to be really in default.

15.01 PM: more Than 1000 emergency workers of fire service, THW and BRK from the district of Freising were in Traunstein in use, in order to free there is danger of collapse of the building of the snow. On Wednesday there was a breather. For the all-clear, however, it is too early.

+ sweat-inducing Job in the snow: With a number of construction, the THW provided support Freising, roof and balconies of the clinic have been beautifully preserved vision in the Berchtesgaden before a collapse.© THW

14.48 PM: In a Video message spoke of the Traunstein district, Siegfried Walch, on the threat of cancellation of the Biathlon world Cup in Ruhpolding. In the six-minute sequence, the politician speaks of a positive tendency: “to what Extent it holds the Church to be right, is then a matter for the organiser and not a matter for the civil protection authority and the district office.”

has been cleared 13.51 PM: Because of acute avalanche danger in the upper Bavaria Schleching on Wednesday, the District Raiten. Around 230 people had taken the precaution of leaving their homes, as a spokeswoman for the district office of Traunstein said. You should be in emergency accommodation. The residents should appear at an intersection and not even drive the car. “Take you clothes and important documents and medicines”, appealed to the district office to the citizens.

In Buchloe, a man attacked a car driver, as she wanted to Park in the snow.

in the case of a disaster in some communities in the Berchtesgadener Land

In the district of Berchtesgadener Land in the event of a disaster, was now part of Weise repealed. Landrat Georg Grabner (CSU) said on Wednesday the repeal of the market town of Teisendorf and the municipality of Schneizlreuth. For a further five municipalities in the event of a disaster, shall continue to apply, as well as for parts of the rural district of Miesbach.

weather in Bavaria: there Are, in the future, in the Winter, more precipitation?

13.22 PM: The heavy snow of the past few days have been, according to the German weather service (DWD) unusual, but they were no exceptional weather event. The fallen snow in Berchtesgadener Land, with heights of up to 150 centimeters in the recurring period of from two to 15 years, told the authority Wednesday in Offenbach. The scattered snow height of up to two meters in front of come every 30 to 50 years.

“analyses of the DWD show that in the past few days, any weather will be able to with the influx occurrence of cold, damp air from Northern directions in the future, probably more often,” – stated in the DWD communication. In the Winter there will be more rainfall – but more often than rain and not as snow. The sun, among other things, on climate change and the rise of temperature.

place in the district of Traunstein

12.51 PM: reported to be evacuated, such As BR24, must Raiten, a village of Schleching in the district of Traunstein be evacuated. Basic acute avalanche danger. Are concerned about, according to the report, approximately 250 people.


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