Welcome to concept: to whom the prisoners never shake hands

Crime 16/03/20 Greeting on concepts: with whom the prisoners never shake hands

a Handshake is the standard greeting for men. But thieves and experienced prisoners in General, their notions on this subject. They do not shake hands when do not know what color is the convict, so as not to lose credibility. After all, even the “right” in the past, the thief can “Sahuarita”, after which he begins to treat the untouchables.

How do you greet convicts, that was not “taskware”

Welcome a new prisoner in the cell always characterizes the barman with a certain party. Therefore, it is greet for the concepts in this environment. On this account the prisoners there are several options.

Some inmates say in prison right now in the entrance of the Arabic greeting “Salaam alaikum”, which is often pronounced as a General Salam. This practice for about 10 years, while it is widespread.

There is a second important rules greetings: you should never say just “Hello” or “hi”. This may mean that the prisoner shook hands with all the prisoners, among whom can be a “pig” and “omitted”. Thus, he unites all the inmates in one suit. Even the beginner such intentions often never come, but in the area of such an act can be interpreted differently. In prison you always have to answer for every word and deed, if they differ from the accepted morality of thieves.

Not poiata hand

the Handshake with the “cock” or “goat” (a prisoner who helps the camp or prison administration), often leads to the enrollment of freshman in the infamous suit. Even a simple shrug of the gay on the outside becomes a cause of lowering the new barman in the caste of untouchables.

“ignorance of the law is no excuse” is a well-known rule works in prison. If a newbie inexperience, or even a thief-in-law held out his hand untillworthy man, that from this point of respect among the inmates respected him more not to see. In previous status will be restored is virtually impossible. Seen shaking hands with “cocks” automatically become outcasts.

For the thief in the law or any self-respecting prisoner shaking hands with a member of the staff or a policeman it’s a real “of taskbar”. Keep the concept of the convicts would never do that. But if you watch documentaries about thieves, that at the meeting, hand they still shake. Here, too, there is an interesting point. Strict thieves ‘ law voluntary permission to film can be seen as a partnership with the administration, which deprives the convict of his status and the respect of other inmates.

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