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History 16/03/20 what Hitler executed “the chief” intelligence of the Third Reich, Admiral Canaris

the Figure of Wilhelm Canaris Admiral and head of military intelligence of the Third Reich is one of the most controversial in the history of the Second world war. As head of the Abwehr, he opposed the war with Europe and leadership of the Fuhrer.

“Dark horse”

Wilhelm Canaris was able to create around himself an aura of mystery. Even the question of its origin still remains controversial, whether he is a descendant of Admiral Constantine Kanaris, hero of the Greek war of independence, or comes from a family of fine Northern Italian merchants who had settled in Germany in modern times. None of the expressed theories about their roots but not directly denied, and a coloured engraving depicting a Greek naval commander that Admiral, like Sobakevich in Gogol’s willingly demonstrated to the guests hung on the wall in the living room of his house in Schlachtensee.
the father of the future chief of intelligence had nothing to do with the military, he worked in the industrial sector and was promoted eventually to appointment to the position of managing Director of the metallurgical plant. The choice by William career of a naval officer as a vital way to influence it really did not have time, suddenly died from a heart attack in 1904 at the age of 52 years. Mother Canaris did not object to the desire of a son to become a soldier, and in 1905 he began teaching at the Royal marine corps.

the First world

During the First world war he served in the rank of a Junior officer on a light naval cruiser “Dresden”, whose task was to “protect German interests” in the Atlantic. Subsequently, in his testimony at the Nuremberg Tribunal, some colleagues Canaris claimed that he was always more of a political schemer than a sailor. Intrigue young officer was first PTSered in his amazing ability to build business relationships with local authorities and mafia circles, performing a function of vendor information, and supplies to the cruiser. Using these connections, Canaris had always managed to mislead the Entente countries on the route of the “Dresden” that was always in the wrong place, where it was searched for English warships. But, ultimately, “Dresden” was discovered and scuttled in March 1915, and Wilhelm Canaris – interned in Chile, where he returned to Germany in October.

the Birth of a spy

Since October of 1915, after making the rank of captain-Lieutenant Wilhelm Canaris, leaving service in the Navy, deploys espionage activities, which in the future will become the main field. After receiving the task to ensure the supply of German submarines in Spain and Portugal and in parallel, to monitor neutral and enemy vessels in Spanish ports, but builds its first intelligence network in Spain. The assistance provided by Nazi Germany to General Franco during the civil war in Spain, not in the least had its basis in the events of the First World war and a personal acquaintance of Franco (even when he was major) and Canaris had taken place just then.

This period of life and activities of Wilhelm Canaris, as an essential part of his biography, is full of ambiguities. About him went speculation – until the funding they uprisings of the Arab tribes in Morocco against Anglo-French domination of the organization of sabotage, in which was blown up about a dozen British ships, the recruitment of agents. What is true and what is artistic exaggeration, today is difficult to judge – especially since he Kanaris has not objected to any such rumors about his person, and spread some in addition strongly promoted.

After Germany’s surrender and the signing of the Versailles peace tothe dialect of the fleet was not a part of it was flooded, others were handed over to the victorious powers. Submarines, which Canaris commanded during 1917 and 1918 were to the modern weapons that Germany have now banned. Wilhelm Canaris temporarily changes operation and 1919 begins to actively cooperate with the German intelligence service, with which participates in the elimination of the Comintern leaders Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. In the mid 20-ies using old intelligence connections, he organizes, in circumvention of the Versailles Treaty, the construction of German submarines in the far East (in Japan). Secret service of the German Navy was largely possible due to established during the First World intelligence relations Canaris – dummy shipbuilding firm, which accepted orders have been registered, including in Spain and Portugal.

Against Hitler

His activities as head of the Abwehr (German military intelligence and counterintelligence) Wilhelm Canaris began in the rank of Vice Admiral in 1935. A significant difference between Wilhelm Canaris from most of the other German military leaders was the fact that he did not was a fanatical supporter of Adolf Hitler and his ideas of military-territorial expansion. A number of senior military officials of the Reich believed that the impending war madness, which will leave Germany in the foreign policy of isolation and, ultimately, lead to death. In addition to meeting with the leadership of the British and American intelligence services, and attempts at your own risk to negotiate separate peace agreements in the West, preserved evidence of communication with the Canaris of the German resistance who planned the overthrow of the Nazi regime and the physical elimination of the “leader” since the second half of the 30th years. The plan of an armed coup in 1938 failed because Britain and France chose to elect the tactics of appeasement of the Nazi regime and agreed on the gearfrom the Sudetenland to Germany. This has led to the rise of support for Hitler, not only in national but also in military circles.

a Failed attempt

In February 1944 Canaris was dismissed from the leadership of the Abwehr and sent to the position of managing a staff on fight against economic blockade (actually house arrest). The failed assassination attempt on Hitler on 20 April 1944, killing Erwin Rommel, played a fatal role in the fate of Wilhelm Canaris. After a search in one of the military camps of the Abwehr, the RSHA staff had discovered the personal diary of Admiral, which in addition to the negative statements about Hitler, contained materials about the plot, proving that William was perfectly in the know.

Wilhelm Canaris was hanged in the concentration camp Flossenburg 9 April 1945, a month before the unconditional surrender of the German armed forces in world war II.

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