the Real security Fahrradklau will only be there if the locks are really heavy. Thus, one can summarize the results of the latest Tests on the subject. One bright light: There is a castle that is both flexible and comparatively cheap, and, nevertheless, a good safety.

From 20 Ironing, folding, and chain locks in the Test were only five models a good touch. The popular flexible locks with armored cable have omitted the Tester. In earlier series, they were all too easy to crack.

Stiftung Warentest These bike locks recycle thieves really break my head

The Tester moved the locks to the body with standard tools. Even a cordless angle grinder has been recognized for two minutes. For bike owners, this Trend is dangerous. There are more and more battery-operated high power tools such as angle grinder.

professionals Also work as the Tester: A Bicycle is stolen in a few minutes – not a thief works a half an hour at the castle.

Two locks per wheel

The product testers recommend to secure a Bicycle with two different weights.

with over four kilos of lock weight. Pretty absurd – in the case of lightweight wheels, you have to pay about 1000 Euro, just to get a kg bike weight to get rid of – but are probably necessary. Unfortunately, most of the Schösser, the sections with “good” are very expensive. Two locks for 125 Euro, 250 Euro just for the security. Tip of the tester: Is the wheel at the office always at the same location, attach the second lock permanently, then you will only need to carry a lock.

E-trekking bikes are the best E-Bikes in the Stiftung Warentest test Fullscreen

The test winner, the KTM Macina Fun 9 SI-P5I achieved a grade of Good (1,7). The testers praise the powerful engine and the wide Handlebars with ergonomic handles. Cost: 2800 Euros.

manufacturer Safe but inflexible

In the Test were Ironing, folding, and chain locks. Of design strap locks can be the most stable variant. However, they are by their rigid shape and not very flexible. In practice, it may happen that you can’t connect the wheel to the best position, because the strap lock is not secure. The best safety in the Test, an Ironing bot lock the New York Lock from Kryptonite. When it comes to safety, it scored the best rating of 1.0, but it was devalued due to pollutants. It costs 128 euros.

according to the departure security, are also found two price-performance tips in the Test. The rigid u-lock Decathlon B’twin 940 costs only 36 euros. It achieved the overall grade of 2.0 and 1.6 in the case of the departure of safety. Under the more flexible chain locks, the Kryptonite Kryptolok 990 Combo Integrated Chain scored a safety grade of 1.6. The overall score is 2.0. A strong result for only 50 Euro.

Under the also quite flexible Faltschlössern only the Abus Bordo Granit X Plus 6500/110 Black HS a good grade (1,7) achieved in the riser safety. It does, however, proud 128 Euro.

Cheap and super-safe lock buying advice bike lock Which lock protects it from theft? Gernot Kramper

Our tip: The flexible chain lock, Kryptonite Kryptolok 990 Combo Integrated Chain provides a good security at a reasonable price of 50 Euro. Safety comes first we would pick up the Kryptonite New York Lock LS. The perfect grade of 1.0 in the case of the security means that the critical testers of Goods had nothing to complain about. For this you have to see on the pollutants. Less beautiful: Even the chain-lock, safe, Abus was easy to open. So you can’t conclude from the well-known brand name on quality.

false sense of security

The Test takes into account only the resistance of the castle. Wheels are, however, always connected somewhere. A thief is hardly a mast for a light or a tree. However, a fence or a strap is made of special hardened Material. An old iron grating, as it stands ahead of many old buildings, in just a few seconds to cut. Then the professionals take the wheel in the van and crack the rest of the castle later, around the soul. Prior to that, even the best lock will not protect.

The complete Test with all the results you can read for a fee here.

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