What became of the boxer by Karataev who beat the son of the chief policeman of the USSR

Crime 28/01/20 What became of the boxer by Karataev who beat the son of the chief policeman of the USSR

an Outstanding Soviet boxer Oleg Korotaev – one of the few Champions of the USSR, who happened to end up in jail. The reason was a fight, started by them in one of the restaurants in the mid 1970-ies. Perhaps in some situations the athlete would be “forgiven”, but under the heavy fists Korotaeva got none other than the son of the interior Minister of the USSR. About the scandal that erupted in Moscow in the end of the Brezhnev era, few knew, however, this story could not be better characterize the mores of the Soviet elite of the time.

boxer vs. the “Golden boy”

In early 1976 Oleg Korotaev, five-time champion of the USSR in Boxing in the light heavyweight division, which the foreign press has nicknamed “the Russian tank”, for about a month, is not performed. Using great fame and promatyvaya earned money tournament, the 26-year-old boxer spent time in the pubs of Moscow, often engaging in conflicts. The nature of Korotaeva, according to contemporaries, was not easy.

“From him and exuded strength. He was so self-sufficient that organically couldn’t someone just obey,” recalled one of the friends of the boxer.
Once in the restaurant “Rus” (according to other sources, the case was a “fairy Tale”), the fate brought the champion with another frequent visitor to the fleshpots of the stagnant era – Igor Shchelokova, the son of the powerful Minister of internal Affairs Nikolay Shchelokov. Liquor, Jr., in youth work “on the Komsomol”, was friends with many other children of the Soviet nomenklatura. And the restaurant “Rus”, located in the village of Saltykovka was a place of attraction for the most motley audience gathered here that the gilded youth, athletes, actors and even gangsters.

What was the cause of the fight, is not known. However, whether the need was serious about drunken men? Tell that Liquor “jumped” on Korotaeva with a carafe in her hands, which ended in tears for him: using sports terminology, the son Minister was sent to the knockout. The next 2 months the victim spent in the hospital.


Oleg Korotaev was detained the next day at his home. It is noteworthy that the boxer did not know that he is hunting police, and did not change his habits. Just a few hours before his arrest, he arranged another fight, beating and robbing a visiting businessman from Germany in the restaurant of the hotel “Warsaw”: the boxer did not like that the foreigner stole his prostitute. This episode and became a formal reason for the arrest Korotaeva.

During a search, police found the champion marijuana (although friends claim that nothing like the athlete did not use). Gift bullets from the colt, which Korotaev got from an American police officer, police classified as “munitions”. A machete, a gift from the boxer personally by Fidel Castro, the investigation considered a cold weapon.

the Sentence

Despite the pressure Shchelokov, the Korotaeva, as suggested by the historian Fedor Razzakov had influential patrons. Therefore, the criminal case against an athlete, first “hushed up”. But in February 1976 during the XXV Congress of the CPSU was read an anonymous letter is devoted to the behavior of the controversial boxer, and the investigation resumed. In March Korotaev had the last time to act on superiority of the USSR in Sverdlovsk (losing the final battle with David Kvachadze), after which he went to prison.

boxer was Tried for grievous bodily harm and possession of drugs and weapons. Many believed the charges were fabricated, however, in 1977 the court sentenced to 5 Korotaeva (according to other sources – 8) years of imprisonment. Freedom’s champion came in the early 1980s and since then has become a character not a sport, and the criminal Chronicles. He was familiar with many criminal authorities. In 1994 Oleg Korotaev was shot in new York – the killer was never found, but predplahaut that the murder was “Russian mafia”.

as for the second participant of fight, Igor Shchelokov, then he had to endure the suicide of his father, and after the sunset of the Soviet era, it became of interest to journalists mainly as a close friend of another controversial person – Galina Brezhnev.

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