Who actually wrote the fatal letter to Pushkin

History 26/02/20 Who actually wrote the fatal letter to Pushkin

4 Nov 1836 Alexander Pushkin and his friends received the libel, which became fateful for the great poet. Nameless anonymous letter hinted at clearly the relationship of Pushkin’s wife and the ruling Emperor, and also contains a “diploma” in which Pushkin “awarded” the title of cuckold of all times and peoples. Who was the author of deadly messages — a riddle, the solution of which researchers are trying to do for two centuries. And somewhere in Paris kept the original documents with the name of the person who actually struck the fatal blow to Pushkin.

Natalya Nikolaevna, the wife of the poet only laughed, glancing at the message. But Pushkin was hurt and called for a duel Dantes, because he was suspected of the authorship of these letters. Dantes, who later became to be named Egor Haecker being adopted by the Dutch Ambassador, do stuck to the poet’s wife. Pushkin hated his “barracks jokes” and offensive expression in the address as his wife, and himself. In addition, the “foster father” of the future duelist, who was suspected unconventional attachment to the stepson, not just “mumbling” by Pushkin to his wife about how much he loved her his son.

“Like the old whore You are guarding my wife at all angles, to tell her about the love of your illegitimate, or so-called son when he is sick with syphilis was at home” – Pushkin wrote a dramatic letter to Baron Haecker, Sr., explaining why refuses to accept him and his “son”. However, Dantes announces his intention to marry the sister of Natalia Nikolaevna, Pushkin changes the temper justice with mercy and even takes back his words. Kind of like the duel is canceled, but not for long. In January, Hecker, Sr. composing a venomous letter to the poet, which also accuses of cowardice. The duel and the poet dies.

the least in society circles of that time could have imagined that hthe life of the greatest poet will depend on some stupid message. Dantes himself flatly denied his involvement in the libel. Prince troubetzkoy for this reason wrote that many of the young punks of that time indulged in such “newsletters” on secular living. And even his nephews thought these messages humorous prank and shamelessly, copying from some text like “diploma”, not wasting time trying to come up with it personally, spread them.

Such “diplomas” after they found in the safe of the second Dantes – Viscount d Arsiaga, they were full and the other young bloods. But the first suspicion fell on Prince Ivan Gagarin, and Peter Dolgorukov, who was friends with Dantes, lived alone and was fond of this kind of “jokes”. They suspected everything. At the funeral of Pushkin cost to Prince Gagarin to approach the coffin of the poet, as hundreds of views, I dug into it: whether the expression on his face any hint that he was the cause of the death of the poet? But no, his face expressed the most sincere sorrow.

a Paper on which was written the libel, was soon recognized as the same which were used by Gagarin, but it had no coat of arms or initials, it can be had in any room. Suspicions intensified after Gagarin went to Paris and became a Jesuit monk: so, atone for sins. These same accusations appeared in the brochure, Mr. Ammosov from 1863, “the Last days and death of Pushkin”. Recalling the words of the second Pushkin, Konstantin Danzas, nicknamed “Bear”, he also wrote that Pushkin considered the author of the libel – according to the similarity of handwriting – Heeckeren-older than even reported to the police, count Benckendorff. But it was not so. As for the Prince Gagarin, he supposedly already abroad confessed that a lampoon was drawn up by his friend Prince Pyotr Dolgorukov.

the Light was again stirred a wave of indignation, talking about the true murderers of Pushkin, who should be held accountable.

Count Sollogub, note which of the “diploma” ruined Pushkin, published in “istorihasam the Herald,” made it clear that he knows the name of the real killer, but it will not be called, as justice should administer the will of God, and not “inaccurate guess”. “The documents explaining the death of Pushkin, and the whole are in Paris,” said the author, referring to two friends-princes.

to Establish the truth at the request of the writer Ivan Aksakov, the doubting of involvement in Gagarin, took another Russian writer Nikolai Leskov, who wanted at that time in Paris. Leskov has promised to meet with the Prince, who became a Jesuit, and find out the truth.

Father Gagarin – is a man – made Leskova most pleasant experience. Start talking about the purpose of the meeting was not necessary, Gagarin himself was twice started a conversation about Pushkin, coming thus in a strong emotion. So when talked about the Russian high-society characters who are logistello, gloating and frivolous, remembered Pushkin, repeatedly denounced these evils. In the name of the poet, the old man burst into tears and insisted that he was slandered.

“In this hell-fatal stories I assigned to God knows what role! I’m an old man, I have no reason to lie: I did this trick and don’t know who did it!” Long Gagarin could not come to himself, but calmed down, Leskov suddenly told that recently to Paris from Moscow Prince of Eckmuhl brought the whips of torture set the real executioner. It is impossible to get them, and even to secretly take out, need not otherwise help Providence. “Is there a whip and someone who deserved the blow… the Real culprit can be found here, in Paris!” – with these words the old man pointedly raised his finger up, hinting that he knows about the true killer of the poet.

More Leskov never met him, but made findings that the death of Pushkin Prince hurts terribly, but he considers himself slandered, although his arguments are not very strong, and that in Paris certainly got the confirmation of the guilt of the one who wrote the fatal letter to the poet.

the Public came to the conclusion that the present princes in addition to their the benravstvennogo behavior nothing, and Prince Vyazemsky concluded that “the ugliness of the personality is not a reason to accuse them in the drafting of the libels”.

30 years ago was a thorough handwriting analysis sent letters to Pushkin. She testified that he wrote it not a Frenchman, but a man of the highest society, besides Dolgoruky no, no Gagarin to him did not put his hand. So crumbled version of authorship, is considered official until 1974.

it is known for one thing: the documents proving someone’s authorship of the fatal letter, still kept in Paris. Where? From whom?

Angela Bugrova

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