What feats made fighters from Central Asia in the great Patriotic war

History 25/02/20 What feats made fighters from Central Asia in the great Patriotic

Victory in the great Patriotic war – the heroic achievement of all peoples of the USSR. Your contribution has made and fighters from Central Asia. Uzbeks, Turkmens, Tajiks, Kyrgyz and Kazakhs, as well as residents of other parts of the country, fought bravely against fascism. Soldiers and officers of military units formed in the Central Asian republics, did many heroic deeds, to forget about which it is impossible.


According to the Soviet census of 1939, the population of the Kazakh SSR before the great Patriotic war of a little over 6 million people. Of them direct participants in hostilities were about 1 million 200 thousand soldiers and officers. Another 3.5 thousand Kazakhs participated in the guerrilla movement.
In bloody battles killed about 589 thousand inhabitants of the Republic. That is, almost every second of those called to the front never returned home.
the Kazakhs participated in many military operations. Together with the comrades they fought at Kursk and on the streets of Stalingrad, did not allow the Nazis to break the defense of Leningrad, and then drove the Nazis from Soviet soil to Berlin sequentially freeing Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltic States and other Eastern European countries.
One of the most brilliant victories won by Soviet troops during the war, was a heroic defense of Moscow entrusted the 316th infantry division, commanded by General Ivan Panfilov (1893-1941 gg.). This is military unit, of mainly Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, stopped a German tank attack in the Volokolamsk highway. The feat of the Panfilov heroes are still studying the young cadets and officers from many countries.
the title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded approximately five hundred of Kazakhs, more than a hundred the inhabitants of the Republic became full gentlemen of order of Glory. Among the famous heroes of the war – two Kazakh girls: machine gunner Manshuk Mametova (1922-1943.) and sniper alia Moldagulova (1925-1944 gg.), which destroyed more than 90 of the German fascist invaders. Being mortally wounded near the town of Novosokolniki, the girl threw herself in hand to hand combat with German soldiers and officers.
And the pilot Nurken Abdirov (1919-1942), was made 16 sorties to your “Il-2”. His plane was shot down by the enemies in the area of the Rostov farm Horses. Realizing that death is unavoidable, the pilot sent a burning “Il-2” tank column the enemy. The title of hero of the Soviet Union was awarded posthumously.


At the beginning of the war, the population of the Kirghiz SSR does not hold out up to 1.5 million people, including 365 thousand inhabitants of the Republic went to the front. They fought in the legendary Panfilov division, have been fighting his way from Stalingrad to Berlin. Freeing up of the USSR and the countries of Eastern Europe from fascism, about 115 thousand Kyrgyz have laid down their lives.
Among the inhabitants of the Republic who went to the front, various orders and medals were awarded to thousands of people, including 73 soldiers and officers were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Full gentlemen of order of Glory were over 20 Kyrgyz. Many awarded their awards posthumously.
for Example, Duishenkul Shopokov (1915-1941), was one of the 28 Panfilov heroes, who stopped the offensive of fascists at the Volokolamsk highway. He died at the junction Dubosekovo Moscow region, killing along with 18 comrades of enemy tanks.
Cholponbai Tuleberdiev (1922-1942 years) died a heroic death near the village of Slavnoe Second Voronezh region. The Soviet troops crossing the don prevented the enemy bunkers, which were almost continuous machine-gun fire. A wounded soldier of the 160th infantry division, having expended all the grenades, rushed to the enemy the breach, closing it with his body. His sacrifice allowed comrades zahwahtit important strategic bridgehead.
This feat in six months repeat another Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Matrosov (1924-1943 years).
Remarkable, and the fate of major-General Dair Asanov (1922-2009 gg.). As a Sergeant of the 11th artillery division, he distinguished himself in the battle near the village Pyatnitskoe Kharkiv region. On 23 March 1943 for four hours of unequal combat, this warrior has destroyed its weapons: 40 machine gunners; 8 tanks and 6 armored vehicles of the enemy.


289 thousand inhabitants of the Tajik SSR was designed during the great Patriotic war in the ranks of the red army, another 45 thousand people went to the labor front, where many were also military units and formations. About 100 thousand soldiers and officers of them died. It was a very severe loss to the population of the Republic with total population before the war amounted to about 1.5 million people.
the title of Hero of the Soviet Union received 68 residents of the Tajik SSR. Military awards for their courage on the front has been awarded more than 55 thousand soldiers, of which 21 are full holders of order of Glory.
One of the heroes who glorified his people in the struggle against fascism, is Domullo Azizov (1913-1943 years). The machine-gun crew commander of the 69th infantry division were killed during the liberation of Belarus from German invaders. The away team Sergeant crossed the Dnieper and the first rushed into the enemy trench. Domullo destroyed there enemy soldiers, throwing a grenade. Then he turned to the German machine gun and opened fire on the Nazis. This unexpected and daring manoeuvre ensured the crossing of the Dnieper main forces of the red Army.
Ismoil Khamzaaliyev (1921-1943) was another hero of the Soviet Union, he accomplished the feat at Kursk. The commander of the gun crew did not allow the enemy tanks to break through the defense. When his artillery was hit, the Sergeant opened fire from the other guns nearby. His fire-fighting crew died. Tailoreneny hero continued to fire, inciting the enemy tanks and dripping with blood.


according to the Soviet census of 1939, the population of the Turkmen SSR in the beginning of the war of a little over 1 million 252 thousand people. Of them went to the front about 300 thousand inhabitants of the Republic. About 86 thousand soldiers didn’t come home.
In Turkmenistan was formed 87th and 88th independent infantry brigade, 97th and 98th cavalry division. Their soldiers and officers participated in all the well-known battles of the great Patriotic war. They fought at Kursk, near Moscow, the Caucasus, Stalingrad. Freed from the Nazis in Eastern Europe.
Military orders and medals were awarded to 78 thousand soldiers and 112 Turkmen received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
One of the soldiers so honored, became Durdy Kurban (1917-1976 gg.). The commander of the 176th infantry division, he served on the border of the USSR and Romania, when the war began. During the intense battle with the superior forces of the enemy soldier lost his arm, it was blown off by a shell. But that didn’t stop the hero. Bleeding profusely, he picked up his office in battle won.
A cavalry squadron, which was headed by Lieutenant Anglic Ataev (1912-1943) was, for two days of intense fighting, was able to reflect 7 of the German attack, which involved 16 tanks. Moreover, the red army had only guns and grenades. It happened near Rostov town Belaya Kalitva in the battle for the commanding heights 79,9 which the Nazis were never able to recapture. A squadron of cavalry killed about 300 Germans, three German tanks and armored vehicles.


on the Eve of war in the Uzbek SSR population of nearly 6.5 million people. In 1941-1945 at the front lost about 420 thousand inhabitants of the Republic, and only in the ranks of the Soviet army were called about 1.5 million Uzbeks.
338 Heroes of the Soviet Union gave rise to this ancient land, 53 warrior in the course Weredomestic coy was awarded the order of Glory of all three degrees. Various military awards received 120 thousand Uzbeks.
as part of the legendary Panfilov division the inhabitants of the Republic was defended by Moscow. They fought in Stalingrad, in the Caucasus, he participated in the battles for Smolensk, Kiev, Odessa, Sevastopol, liberated from the Nazi invaders of Poland, Hungary and other countries.
In the Uzbek SSR was formed: 21st and 44th cavalry and 258 infantry division and the 90th and 94th separate rifle brigades.
the Commander of an engineering Department of the 13th guards rifle corps Satym of Nurmatov (1925-1994), was made the feat on April 7, 1945 near Kaliningrad (formerly königsberg). Guard Sergeant and four sappers he commanded, walked from the rear positions of the enemy artillery and by a sudden attack captured 25 Nazis also captured the guns of the enemy. Then the soldiers of the red Army turned the muzzle of the German guns against enemies who attempted to recapture lost ground. The Nazis did not work, Satym of Nurmatov and his men held out until the arrival of reinforcements.
Another one of the many heroes of the Uzbeks, Juragan Usmanov (1923-1945 gg.). The assistant platoon commander of the 69th infantry division participated in the crossing of the river Sozh in the Gomel region on 29 September 1943. Along with the platoon Sergeant recorded over 30 enemy attacks. When there are only 9 fighters, they ran out of ammunition. In this seemingly hopeless situation, Juragan suggested extreme bold decision – to gather on the battlefield of unexploded grenades and cartridges. Fighters take such a risk. They have enough ammo to wait for backup.

This is only a small part of all deeds committed by soldiers and officers from Central Asia in the great Patriotic war.

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