Crime 13/02/20 “zigzag” and other scary gang during the great Patriotic

Since the beginning of the great Patriotic war in the USSR there is a sharp increase in crime. The universal confusion, the approach of enemy troops, desertion and standard of living were the main catalysts for the worsening of the crime situation. There are many criminal gangs trading in fraud, robbery and other illegal acts.

In wartime

With the outbreak of war went to the front the best police staff, many law enforcement agencies have had to build almost from scratch. In addition, the emergence of new gangs contributed to facilitating access to firearms who escaped from the front of the deserters had joined bandit gangs, committing robberies and murder.

Common crimes of the time was a forgery and the theft of ration cards, robbery, theft, illegal possession of firearms, murder. Bandits regularly robbed the shops, savings banks and flats, creating an even more tense atmosphere in the rear.

the Two capitals

In Moscow, a sharp increase in crime was recorded in October-November 1941, when the Germans were literally at the gates of the city. The majority of new gangs were small (up to 5 people) groups, which soon ceased to exist. Their number is incalculable.

Gangs are larger (5, 10 and more employees) was less, but damage overall was higher. They appeared on the Tishinsky market in Mar’ina Roshcha and other fleshpots of the capital. The criminals robbed, robbed the apartment, was engaged in the robbery.

Crime swept and Leningrad. If before the war the city was done in about 150-200 murders a year, it was only in 1942 year, there were 587 such crimes. “Long-acting” gangs in the Northern capital was not mainly wielded gang of 4-5 peopleovec, the number of which determine was extremely difficult.

it was Easier with large groups. During the war, in Leningrad there were a few dozen. The most famous of them was a gang of “zigzag”, which, among other things, hunted forgery.

Indicative of the number of weapons confiscated from the local gangs only in April 1942, it was seized nearly 400 guns, 27 hand grenades, more than 700 units of bladed weapons.

the RSFSR and Union republics

In the regions especially hard was the situation in Kuibyshev (now Samara) – spare capital of the USSR during the second world war. Only for 1943-1944 years, according to the reports of the NKVD in the region, the city eliminated 16 gangs. All the years of the war in Kuibyshev were about 30 criminal groups. In General, there were about 50 bandit gangs.

One of the largest gang of Basil Agrafenina (Vaska-Count) of 12. Group robbed 20 apartments, it was listed as murder and rape. In some cases, people Vaska-the Earl acted under the guise of the NKVD.

In the Kursk region during the German occupation there was a lot of bandit groups. Since the liberation of these places in the summer of 1943 to late autumn had been eliminated 15 gangs, arrested 56 outlaws and 12 of their supporters.

the specific nature had banditry in the national regions. So, in the Chechen-Ingush Republic operated a large group of Hassan Israilov. Their criminal activities he conducted under the ideological basis, arguing that fighting for “freedom from the Communists.” In 1942 he created the criminal structure of about 800 people, which consisted of a few dozen gangs.

How much?

How many gangs in the USSR during the great Patriotic war? Accurate statistics on this point, because the gang was created, then broke up, and lead in such conditions was extremely difficult. According to some researchers, in the Soviet Union for all four years of the war could be more thousands of bands and are those gang members whom managed to catch the police. However, it was many crimes, to disclose and failed.

As noted by doctor of law Sciences Viktor Luneev, in 1942 has been committed to 22% more crimes than in 1941. It is noteworthy that the number of convictions by General courts in the second year of the war amounted to 837 141 people in 1945 – more than 823 thousand. Many of them were members of criminal gangs, which have managed to uncover and destroy.

Ivan Proshkin

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